Li Keqiang: backward production capacity must not be allowed to occupy advanced production capacity

Original title: Li Keqiang: backward production capacity must not be allowed to occupy advanced production capacity

the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee listened to the State Council’s report on the investigation and handling of violations by Jiangsu Huada iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and Hebei Anfeng iron and Steel Co., Ltd. on December 22. The previous day’s executive meeting of the State Council focused on the investigation and handling of violations by Hebei Anfeng iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Huada iron and Steel Co., Ltd

Li Keqiang stressed at the executive meeting: “only by unswervingly resolving backward production capacity can we achieve economic transformation and upgrading. We must not let backward production capacity occupy advanced production capacity! “

nearly a month ago, Li Keqiang specially deployed at the executive meeting of the State Council that “the State Council should send an investigation team to firmly investigate and deal with individual enterprises that do not abide by the rules and cheat in the process of iron, steel and coal de capacity. 1n less than a month, the premier presided over an executive meeting of the State Council to hear reports on the production and sales of “Di Tiao steel” by Jiangsu Huada iron and Steel Co., Ltd., the construction while approval project by Hebei Anfeng iron and Steel Co., Ltd., and the handling opinions of the responsible personnel involved in the two incidents

while listening to the reports of relevant departments, Li Keqiang has been reading the investigation reports and asking the person in charge of relevant departments for specific details from time to time. He pointed out that focusing on the steel and coal industry, promoting de capacity is an important part of deepening the supply side structural reform and implementing the task of “three de production, one reduction and one subsidy”. This investigation and handling is a powerful measure taken by the State Council to implement the central government’s work plan of de capacity. Serious problems have indeed been found in the investigation, that is, backward capacity is still disrupting the whole market and affecting the overall work of resolving excess capacity

“these excess capacity, including the worse” ground bar steel “, do not meet the national standards at all. But some places have not been demolished at all. As soon as the price rises a little, they will “revive”! ” The prime minister added, “such enterprises do not meet the national standards of quality and environmental protection. At the same time, they do not pay the insurance due to the workers. There are almost no safety measures in production. How can the advanced production capacity of formal operation compete with them? “

the Prime Minister stressed that under the background of the current rebound of international commodity prices, we must take more effective measures to “grasp a few typical examples” and give full play to the deterrent effect, so as to ensure the smooth progress of de production and elimination of backward production capacity

Li Keqiang pointed out that at present, there are indeed some enterprises that are against the wind and violate the rules, trying to “exploit” policy loopholes to “make a fool out of the fire”; But on the other hand, we should also pay attention to the problems of some local governments, such as serious oversight, ineffective implementation of national policies, failure to report according to regulations, and low administrative efficiency. We must draw inferences from one instance and take warning

“the relevant local authorities and departments should take advantage of this matter to reflect on it! The enterprise reported you a high standard project, but in the actual construction, they secretly lowered the standard. 1t’s very difficult to find out such a thing that is too secretive just to sit in the office and examine and approve it. ” “This event has sounded an alarm for us: while liberalizing market access, the government must strictly control the management standards, earnestly strengthen the supervision during and after the event, and create a fair market environment for competition,” the premier said

in order to strictly enforce Party discipline and state law and ensure the smooth implementation of the central government’s decrees, the Party Central Committee and the State Council decided to deal with the two incidents seriously and hold them accountable. Li Keqiang made it clear that the relevant departments should seriously deal with the two “typical cases” of violations of laws and regulations, and conduct another “special supervision” on backward production capacity nationwide as soon as possible. He reminded relevant departments that in the process of de capacity implementation in the future, more attention should be paid to the use of big data, remote sensing satellite and other technical means to carry out real-time monitoring of new capacity and strengthen supervision

“the backward production capacity that does not meet the environmental protection standards and national standards should be resolutely eliminated, and the eliminated backward production capacity must not be” revived “!” The prime minister’s words were resounding(Li Zhinan)

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