Lianyungang power supply “electricity doctor” live detection to ensure equipment safety

From March 3 to 6, the “electricity doctors” of Lianyungang power supply company were carrying out partial discharge detection one by one on the 10kV ring main unit which has been operating for more than five years in the urban area to ensure the safe operation of the power grid during the two sessions

in order to further strengthen the state management of power distribution equipment, “electricity doctors” use the technology of combining ultrasonic wave and ground wave (TEV) detection to carry out partial discharge live detection on 155 enclosed switchgear in urban areas which have been operating for more than 5 years” 1n the past, this live detection method was used by the power transformation specialty, and it is the first time to apply it in the distribution equipment. ” Fu Quan, a member of the third shift of power distribution operation inspection, introduced that “by using the ultrasonic ground potential partial discharge instrument of switch cabinet, we can effectively eliminate the field interference and improve the accuracy of defect type identification through the comparative analysis of one or more partial discharge test signals.”

it is understood that there is no advanced detection method for the equipment in the enclosed switchgear earlier, and the potential partial discharge of the equipment will damage the insulation layer of the equipment, which will not only cause power failure, but also endanger the safety of personnel. Partial discharge detection can timely monitor the internal insulation state of power equipment, and can find the latent fault of power equipment in advance, so as to take targeted measures to prevent the occurrence or upgrading of equipment accidents. This kind of spot detection method can not only save manpower and material resources, but also avoid economic losses caused by long maintenance time. 1n Northern Jiangsu, Lianyungang power supply company is the first one to use this method to manage the state of distribution equipment

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