Liaobei supervision branch carries out safety supervision on Daqiang coal mine of Tiemei group

on April 14, according to the supervision plan and the relevant provisions of the notice of the national development and Reform Commission and other departments on Further Strengthening the safety management of coal mine construction projects, Liaobei branch carried out safety supervision on Tiefa Coal Group Daqiang Coal Mine Co., Ltd

at the briefing meeting, the sub Bureau affirmed the safety work of Daqiang coal mine and put forward several requirements for the problems found in the supervision process

firstly, the management of gunpowder should be strengthened. The “one shot three inspection system” must be strictly implemented in blasting. The storage and transportation of explosive materials should comply with relevant regulations

the second is to strictly implement the system of coal mine leaders leading the shift into the well, and earnestly perform the responsibility of leaders leading the shift

thirdly, we should attach great importance to the improvement of the working environment and the prevention and control of occupational diseases of coal miners, and strictly abide by the relevant requirements of the “Coal Mine Occupational Safety and health personal protective equipment standard” (aq1051)(Monitoring room 1)

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