Liaocheng old age insurance for construction workers

Recently, the reporter learned from Shandong Liaocheng Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development that Liaocheng construction enterprise pension fund management office takes increasing collection as the key point and takes effective measures. Since this year, the collection of pension fund has exceeded 150 million yuan, the allocation of construction enterprises has exceeded 100 million yuan, and more than 10000 construction workers will receive pension from human resources and social security department monthly like urban residents< 1t is reported that as a pillar industry of Liaocheng City, tens of thousands of construction workers work and live in the city. As many construction workers as possible to pay pension is an important guarantee to solve their pension problem. To this end, Liaocheng municipal housing and Urban Rural Development Commission, Supervision Bureau, audit bureau and Finance Bureau jointly issued the notice on implementing the accountability system and further strengthening the collection and management of the old-age security fund of construction enterprises, proposing that no matter who reduces or exempts the old-age security fund in any form, serious accountability will be carried out. Liaocheng labor insurance office printed more than 10000 copies of "notice on payment of labor insurance fund for construction projects" and "notice on payment of pension fund contract for construction projects", which were distributed to the labor insurance offices of all counties (urban areas). 1n the collection work of the city, the municipal labor insurance office classifies all arrears, and according to the priority, transfers vehicles and arranges special personnel to collect the arrears. This year, a total of more than 7 million yuan of old-age security payments were called in arrears. According to the fact that the county (urban) collection is seriously unbalanced, Liaocheng city implements a monthly ranking and notification system for the collection of pension security funds from construction enterprises, so as to promote the overall work of collection. Efforts should be made to increase the scope of collection and extend the collection work to villages and towns. At present, Shen county and high tech Zone have realized the standardized management of rural community projects in addition, under the condition of ensuring the safe operation of the labor insurance fund, we should strive to maintain and increase the value of the labor insurance fund. According to the actual quarterly allocation, the county (urban) finance is required to calculate the interest at the fixed deposit rate of three months. 1n 2013, the interest income of the labor insurance fund alone reached 1.612 million yuan, effectively maintaining and increasing the value of the labor insurance fund. 1n the process of allocation, efforts should be made to shorten the travel time of labor insurance and improve the efficiency of allocation copyright notice: This article is reproduced by 1nternet media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with China labor insurance network. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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