Life and death rescue of air breathing apparatus

At 16:00 on April 20, he received treatment in hyperbaric oxygen chamber because of carbon monoxide poisoning (he must wear a gas mask). Next to him, because of the lack of oxygen in the cave, they consumed a lot of energy during work. They took about four or five breaks in the morning. After lunch, 1’m ready to start my afternoon work. No one thought that the danger had come quietly. Due to the complex environment in the cave, the wind direction has changed, and the exhaust gas such as carbon monoxide produced by the generator is blown to the direction of their operation. He couldn’t bear to think more, and the scenery in front of him began to be dim and indistinguishable. 1n the blur, he seemed to see walking slowly towards the entrance of the cave, painstakingly turning to search for his companion, but he couldn’t find it. Then he lost consciousness< At 22:22, the fire engine arrived at the foot of Tantang mountain. Several ambulances have been pulled aside. From the foot of the mountain to the entrance of the cave in the middle of the mountain, there are torches or torches for villagers to light their way. And this "road" is a shortcut to Tantang cave temporarily opened by villagers with sickles and hoes before the arrival of fire officers and soldiers. Eight minutes later, along this simple mountain road, Tao Wenhai and other five people arrived at the entrance with rescue ropes, air breathing apparatus and other equipment “we don’t know whether people are alive or dead in it. You must save them.” Li Dawei, who is waiting at the entrance of the cave, said eagerly, “usually at 4:30 p.m., everyone will finish work and go home, but after 8 p.m., they haven’t come home yet, so 1 suspect something has happened.” the relief terrain is quite complex: the cave is located in the middle of the mountain, and there is only a slope more than 1 meter wide outside the cave. Under the slope is the cliff. Stepping on the slope, there are stones and sand rolling down the cliff from time to time at the foot, so the working space is very narrow. Further ahead is a narrow passage with a diameter of only 0.6 meters. Tao Wenhai looks in through the light, the cave is low and zigzag, “only one person can crawl.”. An optical cable for lighting connected to the air respirator goes through the channel and extends inward. According to this, it can be judged that the person in distress should be inside time is life! As the three sides of the cave are uneven rocks, some of which are quite sharp, the rescue team members have to be on guard against bumping up and down, left and right at any time. The bumpy ground was covered with wet mud, and all the way over, it was sticky all over. 1t was almost midnight, and the cave was very quiet. The members of the mine rescue team kept changing their posture, crawling or squatting forward. What they hear is the sound of friction between the body and the ground; 1n front of my eyes, 1 saw the optical cable stretching forward< At 1:20 on April 21, Tian Feng, who was in the worst health condition, was the first to be sent to Dongkou. More than 1000 people waiting outside the cave consciously and orderly wore chemical protective clothing to join the rescue relay. They lined up on both sides of the rugged mountain road to form a one kilometer long ladder" Hold on! Catch it The cadres and the masses echoed each other and "delivered" the trapped people to the ambulance waiting at the foot of the mountain by means of relay. Half an hour later, the second trapped person was carried out by stretcher! Around 2:40, the third trapped person was also rescued successfully! At about 3 am, after the joint rescue team rescued the fourth trapped person, it wanted to go into the cave again to rescue the fifth trapped person China labor insurance net

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