Life safety rope broken, cleaner died on 12th floor

At 2:30 p.m. on July 20, a male cleaner accidentally fell from the Bank of communications building at 191 Shuangxi West Road in Jinhua City and died on the spot while cleaning the exterior wall of the building

Mr. Qi was the security guard of the bank and was on duty at the time of the incident. Mr. Qi said that the building was being renovated, and when he went to work, he also saw two cleaners hanging ropes and cleaning the external walls

he said that when he heard a loud noise, he thought that the scaffold of the construction workers had fallen down. Ran out to see, in front of a scene to frighten him not to be clear: the bank outer door dome a glass mouth hangs two legs, the ground is full of glass fragments and blood

Mr. Qi called the police immediately

the rescue officers and soldiers of Jiangnan fire brigade soon arrived. They climbed out of the window on the fourth floor of the building, fell on the top of the platform protruding from the gate of the bank and began to rescue

a big hole was made in the tempered glass, and a man was sandwiched in the middle of the steel frame with blood all over his body. Fire officers and soldiers soon carried him to the top of the platform, but the people were no longer able to< 1t is reported that the 48 year old cleaner, surnamed Lei, was born in Hunan. A few days ago, he and his nephew were temporarily employed by a local cleaning company in Jinhua to help them work. Before the accident, he was cleaning the 12th floor of the building the preliminary investigation results show that the reason for Lei’s fall is that the safety rope tied to him was worn off industry insiders told reporters that general external wall cleaners should have the qualification of working at height, but in reality, only a few people hold the certificate to work at height. 1n Jinhua area, few people hold the certificate to work at height. When it comes to the busy period, it is almost a routine for cleaning companies to hire people temporarily at present, the aftermath of the accident is under negotiation China labor insurance net

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