Life saving helmet

Twelve people were trapped when a tunnel collapsed at the construction site of Jilin tuhui railway in Hunchun City, Jilin Province. After 87 hours of life and death rescue, the trapped people were successfully rescued at 15 pm on the 5th

Li Yan is the monitor of the team, “1 use my helmet to drink water from the top of the mountain, because the water below is polluted.”” The “safety helmet kettle” was passed on by the workers in turn, one by one. Fortunately, the ventilation pipes are not completely blocked, and the air in the trapped area is not thin. Li Yan said that he found a paper case to hold explosives, soaked it with water and ate a small piece. When he gave it to others, no one ate it. “1t’s really hard to swallow.”

several flashlights of the trapped workers emit weak light. Lang Hongguang is the driver of the shotcreting machine. When the flashlight is nearly dead, he takes down the battery of the shotcreting machine, connects the lamp, and uses and stops for a while. Lang Hongguang, a Hunchun native, often jokes with people to ease the atmosphere of depression, and drinks up two bottles of mineral water on the bus. 1t was cold in the cave, and everyone sat around in front of the light, warming themselves with rags

at noon on Apri4, Li Yan heard the sound of a drill inside, and soon the drill came in. Through the “Yin Yang way”, food, drinking water, medicine, walkie talkies and even playing cards were sent to the trapped people. At the other end of the passage, the trapped people independently removed the loose gravel blocked in the escape passage and drilled out

“1 can run out of the cave in, but there are more than a dozen people in it, so 1 can’t run.” Li Yan said that he was still a little scared after sitting up and communicating normally in the hospital bed. “Everyone has been saved. 1t’s worth it for me to do so.”

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