Lijiang, Yunnan, hit by sleet and hail

yesterday evening, the setting sun met with thick clouds, instantly the sky turned orange gray, and then a gust of wind. At 8 p.m., sleet began to sweep Lijiang City, and weakened around 9 p.m. 1n less than 10 minutes, the ground was covered with a layer of white, and the leaves were also knocked down. The particles of hail were very large. Some people said that “you should wear a helmet when you go out.”

at 8:40 last night, Lijiang meteorological station issued a lightning yellow warning signal: on the evening of the 8th, strong convective cloud system developed in the central and southern parts of the ancient city of Lijiang and the western part of Yongsheng County. 1t is expected that it will move southeast in the future, which may cause lightning disaster, and may be accompanied by local short-term strong wind, hail and other bad weather

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