Linxiang fire innovates and invents multifunctional safety rope bag

recently, the officers and soldiers of Linxiang district fire brigade in Lincang, Yunnan Province innovated and invented a multi-functional safety rope bag. 1n daily fire fighting and rescue work, the belt, safety rope and safety waist axe are indispensable personal protective equipment for front-line soldiers, and there are many accessories hanging on the belt, which makes it very inconvenient to move. 1n addition, some waist axe sleeves are aging, The safety rope hanging outside is relatively loose. 1n the rescue, the safety performance of waist rope bag and waist axe sleeve is reduced due to long-time wear, which more or less directly affects the fire fighting and duty training. To solve this problem, Lincang fire officers and soldiers brainstormed, tried again and again, improved and innovated on the basis of the secondary search package, and finally made a solid and convenient multi-functional safety rope bag. The invention and innovation effectively solve the problems that the waist axe of officers and soldiers is easy to fall and the safety rope is loose and inconvenient to use, which not only standardizes the wearing of personal protective equipment, but also improves the use efficiency

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