Linyi Council for the promotion of international trade leads the team to participate in the 95th China Labor Protection Products Fair

On October 24, the 95th China Labor Protection Articles Fair opened in Qingdao 1nternational Convention and Exhibition Center. Chen Jingxiu, vice president of CCP1T, and responsible comrades of relevant departments led 160 enterprises of the labor protection articles chamber of Commerce to participate in the fair

at the exhibition, Chen Jingxiu and his party visited the participating enterprises in Huayi Brothers labor insurance, Dongjin labor insurance, Chunjiang shoes, fuante labor insurance and other booths to learn more about the participation of the enterprises, encourage the enterprises to make full use of the exhibition, meet more customers and obtain more orders, so as to make Linyi brand for our labor insurance industry in the domestic labor insurance industry. Exhibitors have said that this exhibition has many exhibitors and professional purchasers, and the exhibition effect is good. Especially in the current environment of increasingly fierce competition in the labor insurance industry, it is of great significance for the city’s labor insurance industry to boost confidence and promote the healthy development of enterprises in the labor insurance industry

during the exhibition, Chen Jingxiu and his party also visited Yang Shude, the sixth honorary president of China Textile Business Association, Li Jianhua, executive president of China Textile Business Association, and Zhang Shuren, President of China Textile Business Association. They introduced the labor insurance industry in our city, the advantages of trade and logistics, and the exhibition hall, and invited China textile business association to visit our city, This paper provides strong support for the development of labor insurance industry, and discusses the holding of national labor insurance industry forum in our city

during the exhibition, the e-belt and E-road network was demonstrated to domestic and foreign merchants, and more than 2000 publicity materials of e-belt and E-road network were distributed

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