Linyi police took off “famous brand gloves” to make fake dens

fake dens are full of fake and inferior compound gloves

a large number of finished fake brand hanging rubber gloves are ready to be sent abroad

the suspect was controlled by the police on the spot

on March 30, the second squadron of Economic 1nvestigation Brigade of Lanshan Public Security Bureau, after investigation, smashed a fake nest in a farmyard in the northern suburb of Linyi and seized more than 100000 pairs of fake gloves. Once these fake gloves enter the market, they will seriously endanger the safety of construction workers

according to the police, recently, the police of the second squadron of the Economic 1nvestigation Brigade have focused on sorting out and arranging the labor insurance market, and found that some people sell and wholesale inferior labor insurance hanging rubber gloves. After nearly ten days of investigation, the police finally learned that these inferior gloves came from an abandoned yard to be demolished near the north outer ring road. On March 30, the economic investigation police organized the police to come to the abandoned yard along a rural road. They found that several houses on the west side of the yard were filled with a large number of imitation brand-name labor protection gloves, and the smell was pungent. Police opened the door and found that a man was directing two women to process labor protection gloves with two cheap equipment

the economic investigation police quickly controlled three people, and this man was the boss of the fraud dens. After checking, there are more than 100000 pairs of counterfeit brand-name finished and semi-finished labor protection hanging rubber gloves, worth about 150000 yuan. Yimeng evening news reporter found that the manufacturing process of this dens is very simple. Workers use machines to coat the blank gloves with inferior glue, and then label them, and then they become a famous brand of labor protection hanging glue gloves

according to the police, the hanging rubber gloves of labor protection mainly play a protective role for the construction workers, because the construction workers are engaged in many types of work, and the hanging rubber process of hanging rubber gloves is very strict. This kind of inferior hanging rubber gloves can not meet the requirements for density, thickness and safety of hanging rubber. When workers are working at a high level, the inferior hanging glue is easy to fall off and damage, which is very easy to cause safety accidents and great danger

according to the police investigation, Liu, the suspect, saw the huge profits of imitating famous brand hanging rubber gloves, went to other places to learn the manufacturing technology, and then began processing and production. He used the logistics market of Linyi to deliver goods to the labor insurance market of other places, which was of great value in the case. At present, Liu was detained by Lanshan police on suspicion of committing the crime of counterfeiting registered trademark and accepted further treatment

Yimeng evening news reporter Zhu wutao, correspondent Tu Yulong

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