List of my favorite brands in the 5th Jiangsu labor protection products fair

On May 22, 2018, the third and fifth member congress of labor protection products professional committee of Jiangsu textile distribution industry association was held in Suzhou Guoxin yadu hotel. At the same time, ten enterprises were honored in the “my favorite brand” wechat voting activity of the 5th Jiangsu labor protection products fair

list of “my favorite brands” in the 5th Jiangsu labor insurance products fair

Shanghai haitaier protective products Co., Ltd.

Jiande Chaomei Daily Chemical Co., Ltd.

Nantong Baojian special Professional Clothing Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Dunwang Technology Group Co., Ltd.

kongman (Shanghai) an Anti Technology Co., Ltd.

bodijia (Suzhou) safety protection products Co., Ltd.

Yangzhong tehang Shoes Co., Ltd.

Changshu Hongde Trade Co., Ltd.

Taicang Feihong plastic steel products Co., Ltd.

Yangzhou Jianbu Shoes Co., Ltd.

for the first time using the network platform to select the big shoes Xue Zhongming, secretary general, said that all the member brands of our industry association have good reputation and excellent product quality in the industry. The main purpose of voting in this way is to increase more interaction between enterprises and between enterprises and users. A total of 189951 votes were cast in this activity, which increased brand exposure, Also in invisible, with this kind of popular voting activity, attract more people to pay attention to labor insurance, pay attention to our national brand of labor insurance industry