List of virus protection items for special periods

Once upon a time, we faced the new crown pneumonia and said that “resting at home is about contributing to the country.” We don’t have to panic in the face of the epidemic, but we can’t be lucky. Actively taking protective measures is the right answer. Whether it’s resuming work or staying in isolation at home, everyone needs to take preventive measures.
Epidemic protection products mainly include: protective gloves, goggles, isolation clothing, etc., disinfection, including disinfectant, alcohol, etc., forehead thermometers, thermometers, etc. Let’s take a look.
N95 masks tend to be purchased by many friends. They are more anti-virus than medical masks and fit more closely to the face, but they are expensive if they can’t be held up, and they are reluctant to be thrown away after one use! And Academician Zhong Nanshan also said that It is not necessary. What to do when no one can buy a mask, disposable mask pads may be able to help you solve some problems.
Disposable latex gloves have undergone a special surface treatment, and they feel good when worn and the effect is better. It is widely used in medical treatment and daily life. Of course, the expensive is definitely more expensive, but it is still possible to reuse after detoxification. The price of disposable plastic gloves is low, and you can change them quickly without heartache, avoiding infection to a large extent, and greatly reducing the pressure on our wallets.
Medical goggles, we usually don’t need to use them in our daily lives, but in this special period of epidemic prevention, no one will think that you are a “spiritual guy”.
The protective mask is a bit exaggerated and not suitable for our daily wear, but its protective effect is also very significant during the epidemic, which can effectively isolate droplets, viruses, etc.
Medical protective clothing is generally worn by professionals, but if you want to go to densely crowded places, or some high-risk places, and do not want to change your whole body up and down, then it is recommended that an isolation gown is also a good choice.
Why is 84 disinfectant called 84 and not 98? In fact, this answer is only because it was invented in 1984. Its main ingredient is chlorine-containing disinfectant, which has a huge effect on preventing the spread of diseases and cutting off cross-contamination.
75% alcohol is used to kill viruses. Too high concentration of alcohol will form a film on the surface of the bacteria and cannot enter the inside of the bacteria. If the concentration is too low, it cannot kill the virus. Buying a few bottles of antivirus for the places you often touch, the effect is still good.
Disposable hand sanitizer usually contains alcohol, which has obvious antiseptic effect. In places where there is no running water or students who want to be lazy, you can buy this hand sanitizer to wash your hands. By the way, it can help the country save water resources.
Some people may think that the disposable hand sanitizer is not clean, it does not matter. Ordinary antibacterial hand sanitizer can also achieve the purpose of hand washing. Remember to use the 7-step hand washing method.
The sprayer has also made its due contribution during the epidemic. When it comes to it, many people will imagine that it is the kind of pesticide at home when they were young. In fact, it is more than that. There are also some very stylish and cute small disinfection sprayers. select.
Easy to use soap It is recommended that soap be used to wash clothes in daily life. In fact, it takes advantage of the bactericidal effect of alkaline properties. We can also use it during the epidemic. Washing hands and clothes are good.
Disinfecting paper towels are also indispensable during the epidemic. Ordinary paper towels used in ordinary times only have a cleaning effect. In addition to cleaning, disinfection paper towels can also sterilize, which invisibly reduces the chance of infection in our daily lives.
The forehead thermometer is the most convenient body temperature measurement artifact. It will come out by pressing the body temperature against the forehead. I believe that you have to shoot first whether you are in or out of the community or the office recently.

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