Live working drill of State Grid Jiajiu power supply company

“Report to the team leader, the removal of the middle phase drainage is completed, and now request the side phase operation.”” Yes, No.2 electrician adjusted the position of the live working truck arm, paid attention to maintaining the safe live distance, and all the staff prepared for the removal of the side phase lead-in line. “On March 27, the live working class of Jiuquan power distribution room of State Grid Jiayuguan and Jiuquan power supply company held a live working drill in the southern suburb

at 9:20 in the morning, all the staff of live working class were in place. The staff set up barriers at the working site, and placed live working signboards at eye-catching positions. After checking and testing the safety tools such as insulating shoes, insulating clothes and insulating gloves, they confirmed that they were in good condition. The team leader called the team members to hold a pre shift meeting, read out the work ticket, and explained the operation content, personnel division, precautions and safety measures. After getting the permission of distribution and adjustment and stopping reclosing, the electricians Hao Kai and Yang Zhuang entered the live working vehicle wearing insulating clothes, safety helmets and gloves. The vehicle opened its arms like a giant and sent the two people in the bucket arm to the designated operation point on the top of the pole. The team leader Wang long and the full-time Guardian Zhang Chengcai watched the operation closely, Constantly remind the attention

in the bucket arm truck, Hao Kai and Yang Zhuang are carrying out live line operation in an orderly manner, installing insulating sleeve and insulating damp proof blanket to cover the discharge point, and disconnecting the upper drainage line of drop fuse phase by phase according to the sequence of operation requirements. At 11 am, the work was over, and the monitor Wang Long commented and summarized the work of all the staff in the post shift meeting. The team has successively completed two drilling projects of 10kV three-phase lead removal and 10kV side phase insulator replacement

it is understood that in recent years, the company has gradually attached importance to live working. Through the purchase of live working equipment, training, the establishment of live working class, the establishment of live warehouse and other measures, the company has effectively improved the level of live working, made the daily work develop in the direction of specialization, and comprehensively improved the quality of service

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