livelihood of peddlers and caterers in haze days: work still needs to be done, masks become luxury goods

Original title: the livelihood of small vendors and food delivery workers in haze days: work still needs to be done, masks become luxury

the livelihood of small vendors and food delivery workers in haze days: work still needs to be done, masks become luxury

01-05 08:25

Januar4, the second working day after new year’s day, Jinan is a heavily polluted weather as usual. When the air pollution index exceeds 400, many people choose not to go out. However, in such weather, some people have to work hard for their livelihood. Many of them, for various reasons, even the necessary anti haze masks have become “luxury”

she doesn’t earn a cent a day

she can’t sit at home

at noon on the 4th, Yan Guirong, who was setting up a stall in shimuyuan community of Jinan, wore a mask and looked at the people coming and going. When business came, she skillfully chopped meat and put it into the steamed bun prepared in advance, and a rougamo would become it. Compared with the masks worn by many people, Yan Guirong wore ordinary non-woven masks, which had almost no effect of filtering PM2.5″ 1t’s clean and hygienic, at least not in direct contact with the air. ” Yan Guirong said

Yan Guirong and her husband Gao Yulu have been running rougamo stalls for more than 20 years. Everyone praised her family’s rougamo as delicious, but even so, the sales volume on the 4th day was much worse than usual. According to Yan Guirong’s statistics, once in a haze day, the business is poor. At the most serious time, it can sell dozens less than when the weather is good, and earn more than 100 yuan less every day

in order to make a living, Yan Guirong and her husband are going out to push a simple tricycle to set up a stall when it is still dark outside at more than 5 o’clock in the morning in winter. She said the haze was more severe in the morning and the visibility on the road was lower, so they had to rely on the horse to push the tricycle

“1 saw it in the morning. When a car passed by, the light was on. When 1 looked at it, it was like dust in the light and shadow.” Yan Guirong is 57 years old. She is very sensitive in this kind of weather, and her throat is choking. Nevertheless, she is reluctant to buy a few dozen yuan anti haze mask

in the heavily polluted weather, many people give up going out, but Yan Guirong said that they have never had such an idea. They have to go out on time 365 days a year, no matter it’s windy or rainy, except those days of the new year

“1 can’t afford to rest, 1 don’t earn a cent a day, and 1 can’t sit at home.” Yan Guirong said that although she has been in Jinan for more than 20 years, she is still looking forward to returning to her hometown in Henan one day. “There is haze in Henan, but our hometown is in the countryside. When we go out of our old house, it’s a piece of wheat field, green.” Yan Guirong comforted herself that this day was very near. When her son got married, she and her husband would consider taking a rest

parents will be very distressed when they know that he is in this line

they will receive 40 orders a day

this is the limit of Wang Yilin, a hungry takeout, which means that he has to run to 40 different places within 3 kilometers of the straight line in a day

“when it comes to the peak period, the platform will send orders directly to you, and you have to work if you don’t want to.” Since the implementation of the new commission system last year, Wang Yilin feels that his work intensity has increased. 1n the days after the new year, heavy haze continued to hit the city, Wang Yilin’s pace still can not stop

“it’s also the money to send food on a sunny day. No one is willing to send food out these two days. And we all don’t have masks. 1t’s definitely bad for our health. ” Wang Yilin said so. But complaints come back to complaints. As soon as there is a list, Wang Yilin still leaves. People are reluctant to go out in the haze, which means that the delivery staff will be busier

this 24-year-old Yantai boy was a student of Shandong Electric Power College before taking out. After graduation, he has the opportunity to enter Xinjiang branch of State Grid. But he turned down the seemingly good job because he was far away from home. Wang Yilin, who was determined to find a job in his hometown, eventually became a caterer in Jinan. “After all, he earned more.”

according to him, during the lunch peak period from 11:30 to 13:00, 1 can’t spare time” There are too many people ordering at this time. But at other times, waiters like Wang Yilin, with empty boxes on their backs, sit in groups on the seats at the station, put on their clothes and go to sleep

on a haze day, he was busy, but Wang Yilin paid special attention to whether there was food with soup in the takeout. The last thing the takeaway would like to deliver is the food with soup. There is a saying in their circle: “if you haven’t delivered a bowl of noodles with soup 3 kilometers away, don’t say you have worked as a takeaway.”

Wang Yilin once sent soup noodles, but cold noodles. That time, as soon as he arrived at RT mart, the car ran out of electricity. Looking at Keyuan Road and Qianfo Mountain hospital one kilometer away on the map, he was so anxious that he wanted to cry. Sweat soon wet his clothes, but Wang Yilin did not care about these, he pushed the car southward, thinking that cold noodles should not Tuo. Forty minutes later, when the meal arrived, Wang Yilin wiped the sweat from his head and knocked on the customer’s door. Fortunately, the customer didn’t blame him and gave him a good review, which moved him a little

Wang Yilin said that the money could bring him a better life and he was very satisfied” But 1 won’t tell my parents about my career. ” Wang Yilin said that if his parents knew that he was in this business, they would be very sad

(Qilu Evening News – Qilu Yidian reporter Wang Qian, Zhu Wenlong)

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