Local standard examination and approval meeting for general technical conditions of cold proof clothing held

recently, two local standards approval meetings were held in Xi’an. The meeting was presided over by Li Peng, director of Standardization Department of Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision, Shaanxi Provincial Department of industry and information technology, Shaanxi Provincial Fiber 1nspection Bureau, Shaanxi Provincial Engineering Materials Center, Shaanxi Provincial Engineering Materials Center, Shaanxi provincial quality and Technical Supervision Bureau Experts from the school of clothing and art of Xi’an Engineering University, Shaanxi Huatai Engineering Materials Co., Ltd. and other units have conducted research on Shaanxi Fiber 1nspection Bureau, Shaanxi yanglaoda Clothing Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Clothing 1ndustry Association, Yulin Fiber 1nspection 1nstitute The general technical conditions for cold proof clothing drafted by Yulin qizhiyang Clothing Co., Ltd. and the general technical conditions for geotextile composite semicircular tube drafted by Shaanxi Fiber 1nspection Bureau and Shaanxi Huatai Engineering Materials Co., Ltd. were examined and approved at the meeting, and the revision opinions and suggestions on the terms and contents of the standard were put forward. The meeting unanimously approved the examination and approval of the two standards, and required the standard drafting unit to speed up the preparation of the standard (Draft for approval) and report it as soon as possible according to the modification opinions and suggestions put forward by the examination and approval meeting, so as to approve the release and implementation as soon as possible< At last, the expert committee concluded that the standard of "general technical conditions for cold proof clothing" meets the requirements of industrial development in Shaanxi Province, the indicators are appropriate, the technical requirements are reasonable and easy to operate, which is of great significance for standardizing the production of cold proof clothing in Shaanxi Province, protecting the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and leading the relevant industries to become bigger and stronger. 1t will guide the production and circulation of enterprises, help to standardize the quality supervision and management, play an important role in promoting industrial development, and make the cold proof clothing products have greater development space and prospects The standard of "general technical conditions for geotextile composite semicircle pipe" has sufficient basis, complete test methods and verification test data, practical assessment indexes, high overall level and strong operability, which is in line with the current situation of highway, railway and other construction projects. The release and implementation of the standard is conducive to the quality supervision and management of various projects, ensuring the safety of project quality and reducing the occurrence of project quality accidents, thus reducing unnecessary casualties and property losses, promoting social development and social harmony

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