Lock experts remind to strengthen anti theft awareness

With the coming of the new year, there is a relatively high incidence of theft, robbery and fraud. 1n this critical stage of public security prevention, the reporter interviewed the police and relevant prevention experts

equipment and awareness should be strengthened

“will you use the ‘security door’ equipped with the room door for a long time?” Zhang Hongjun raised this question to you. He then said that some real estate enterprises in the process of project construction, in order to control costs, usually choose some low price doors. Such a door can only be called “engineering door”, it is suggested that the house should be replaced after decoration. Zhang said that when a locksmith was installing the screws of the door lock, the driver accidentally slipped onto the metal door plate of the security door, and such force could make a hole in the door plate. How can this kind of quality “security door” prevent the violent destruction of thieves? Zhang Hongjun suggested that the home should buy better quality security door, security door should have prevent crowbar, chisel and other tools damage design

in addition, we should pay attention to the door lock” Can you guess the cheapest lock cylinder price? ” The answer given by Zhang Hongjun is 9 yuan. 1n order to reduce the cost and seize the market with low price, some lock manufacturers will cut corners. These manufacturers will reduce the content of copper in lock materials, and even replace it with iron, aluminum and even plastic. This kind of low price lock can’t be used

with good equipment, we should also have good anti-theft habits and awareness. Zhang Hongjun said that no matter how good the lock is, if there is no anti lock, its anti-theft function is also negligible. Anti theft equipment is important, anti-theft awareness is more important

beware of new ways of burglary

when it comes to anti-theft awareness, Zhang Hongjun talks about some people’s bad habits. Some people are used to hanging the key on their waist, while others like to put the key on the coffee table or desktop in public places. Zhang said that most mobile phones now have a photo taking function. The lawbreakers just need to take a picture of the key with their mobile phone when they are unprepared, and then they can match a key with the photo

Zhang Hongjun stressed that this kind of crime technique comes from real cases, and the technical threshold is not high” Even if the thief can’t match the key himself, he can easily get the key of the victim’s house and go in and out freely at any time by paying a high price of one or two hundred yuan to ask a unscrupulous locksmith to do it for him. ” 1n the past, some “hard working” thieves even made several similar keys by observing the teeth of the target key. One of them could open the target lock. Experts suggest that you don’t hang the key around your waist or leave it at random. You’d better use the key bag

Zhang Hongjun showed a video to the reporter, in which the experimenter violently destroyed the lock with a screwdriver and opened a security door in only 1 minute and 20 seconds. Zhang Hongjun said that this is the latest way to break the lock. There is no problem with the security door and the security lock cylinder, but it does not block the violent damage of the thieves. The problem lies in the humble lock cover. The thin lock cover can’t stand hard prying, and can’t protect the precise lock cylinder. To prevent this kind of lock breaking technique, the lock cover can be replaced with a lock cover with higher material strength< 1n the past year, Zhang Hongjun also collected many techniques of burglary. For example, driving a luxury car to steal in and out of the community; Refitting liquefied gas tank to collect crime tools and stolen goods, pretending to be a gas man to steal in the community; Rent a house in the community as a stronghold, find out the life rules of other residents before starting, and so on. This requires the community security to take responsibility, pay attention to the strangers in and out of the community, and strictly perform the registration duties for the residents, including the tenants many thieves will choose the right target to steal after many times of stampede. The advertisement flyer inserted on the door crack or door handle may become their mark. After leaving the flyer mark for many times and confirming that the owner was away from home, the thief confidently and boldly sneaked into the house to steal. People who want to travel far to celebrate the new year can entrust trusted neighbors or relatives to pick up the advertising leaflets and newspapers at the door on a regular basis although the anti-theft net of windows and balconies is important, people’s anti-theft vigilance is more important. Zhang Hongjun suggested that we establish harmonious neighborhood relations with our neighbors. No matter who finds the suspicious stranger in the corridor, he should always ask more questions, which may scare off the thieves who are ready to commit the crime copyright notice: This article is reproduced from the network media, only represents the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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