Long pipe respirator ensures dredger’s safe operation

There are such a group of people who have been working underground for a long time in a bad environment. 1t is their duty to ensure that the underground water pipelines of thousands of households are unblocked. Their safety work also needs to be protected. Some local municipal facilities management bureaus have added new scientific and technological facilities to ensure the safe operation of dredgers

the detector monitors the underground gas

above the underpass of Renmin Road, a box recently appeared, which said: monitoring system for flammable and explosive gas in sewers

“in the past, whether the sewers were open or not was judged by experience. We often need to go to the sewers and look at them on our stomach. The smell is suffocating. Now with this equipment, we can smell the sewers much less by our nose.” Dredger Lei Xinggui said. The reason why this device is installed on the road is that it can’t stand the harsh environment in the sewer, which will affect its service life

with this detector, only the gas to be monitored needs to be introduced into the equipment from the sewer. The instrument can quickly monitor the gas change. 1f there is any abnormality, the exhaust pump will be started immediately to reduce the concentration of flammable and explosive gas. 1f it can not be reduced, the monitoring center of municipal construction administration will immediately inform the dredger to go to the site to eliminate the hidden danger. With this kind of equipment, dredgers can get rid of the complexity of routine inspection and concentrate on dealing with key hidden dangers. And before the dredger goes down the well to eliminate the hidden danger, he can also know the gas concentration well

high pressure dredger goes to battle

if the sewer is blocked, it used to be mainly cleaned manually. The dredger needs to sit in the sewer and dredge the blocked sewer with a shovel. This workload is quite large, and the environment is extremely bad. 1n case of blockage caused by hot pot grease, even the steel drill can not be penetrated

now, in this case, the dredger may not need to go to the sewer in person. This year, the Municipal Facilities Administration Bureau purchased a high-pressure dredging truck, which can spray high-pressure water. Once the location of the blockage is determined, what the dredger has to do is to plug the water pipe with the drill into the sewer, start the high-pressure pump, and the drill will drill into the blockage under strong pressure. With the impact of the water flow, any blockage can easily collapse. 1t used to take hours, but now it can be finished in a few minutes

in addition to the high-pressure drill bit, this dredger also has its own hammer, which can also carry out vacuum adsorption, integrating a variety of weapons

purchase 5 sets of pipeline periscopes

when it was necessary to go down the well in the past, the experienced dredging Union first heard at the wellhead, and then went down slowly by feeling. This year, the Municipal Administration of municipal facilities purchased 5 sets of periscopes and 4 sets of long tube respirators. With these devices, the dredgers can still breathe fresh air after going down the well, rather than endure the bad air in the well as before

although the purchase of new equipment such as long pipe respirator facilitates the work of dredgers, the harsh working environment is still testing them. 1f we can start from small things, we can prevent hazardous waste from flowing into the sewer and avoid danger. Consciously restricting one’s daily behavior is a kind of promotion of environmental protection, and also a respect for the work of others

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