Longquanshan tunnel is difficult to advance: workers entering the tunnel one meter a day should wear anti-static clothing

Since the construction of Longquanshan tunnel on Tianfu 1nternational Airport Expressway, it has been pushed forward for more than 300 meters

the roar of machines and the shuttling of construction vehicles… Yesterday morning, dozens of workers were nervously tunneling and pouring concrete at the construction site of Longquanshan tunnel of Tianfu 1nternational Airport Expressway, located in Taiping Street, Tianfu new district. At present, there are more than 300 builders on the site fighting for the front line, and four tunnels are advancing simultaneously; More than three months after the construction started, up to now, it has advanced more than 300 meters

it is understood that Longquanshan tunnel, as one of the difficulties of Tianfu 1nternational Airport Expressway, is under intense promotion. The whole tunnel is expected to be completed in August 2019, and the traffic capacity will be formed in November. The 13th municipal Party Congress proposed to implement the “eastward” strategy. The Tianfu 1nternational Airport Expressway, where Longquanshan tunnel is located, connects the central urban area and Tianfu 1nternational Airport, providing important traffic support for the “eastward” strategy

high gas

workers need to wear anti-static clothing when entering the tunnel

“there are 300 workers working day and night on the construction site, and the workers are stationed in the camp less than 500 meters away from the tunnel site, implementing three shifts in 24 hours.” Chen Xiaobo, deputy director of the expressway headquarters of Tianfu 1nternational Airport of China Railway Chengtou, told reporters that this arrangement is to be able to connect the tunnel as soon as possible. At present, the No. 1 Tunnel with the fastest excavation speed has been excavated for 170 meters and is expected to be completed in June 2019

the reporter saw at the scene that compared with other construction sites, the workers here wear more strict clothes, not only safety helmets, but also anti-static clothes. The reason behind the wearing requirements is that Longquanshan tunnel is a high gas tunnel, which is also the biggest difficulty in the whole construction process” 1n order to cope with high gas, workers should wear pure cotton anti-static tooling, and store mobile phones, lighters and other flammable and explosive materials outside the construction site. ” Chen Xiaobo said. The reporter noticed that at the No.1 hole and No.3 hole, which have been excavated for more than 100 meters, more than 20 meter high blowers are making great progress. Chen Xiaobo told the reporter that the purpose of doing this is to ensure continuous and uninterrupted ventilation in the tunnel

easy to collapse

push forward 1 meter at most every day

the difficulty of Longquanshan tunnel construction is far more than high gas. The poor geological conditions have brought many difficulties to the construction. “Almost all of them are silty mudstone. The soil is hard when it doesn’t rain. When it rains, it becomes mud and may collapse.” Chen Xiaobo said that at the same time, the cross-section of the two three lane tunnels reached 183 square meters, far exceeding the cross-section of 120 square meters of ordinary tunnels. Under the premise of poor geological conditions, the construction of large cross-section is more difficult. 1n addition, as the Longquanshan tunnel is designed to be arranged in parallel with four tunnels, the net spacing between the tunnels at the entrance section is very small, only 15m to 25m” Tunnel construction at the same time, will affect each other, especially the blasting operation interference. The stability of the middle rock wall is also poor, and the construction safety risk is high. ” Chen Xiaobo said

in order to make the tunnel run through as soon as possible and prevent any difficulty from delaying the construction period, the builders have developed many countermeasures” The surrounding rock is broken and easy to collapse, so we dig bit by bit, only 60 cm at a time, and then support it with a steel frame, which is about one meter forward every day. “

it is understood that Longquanshan tunnel is the first one-way five lane two hole tunnel in our province, with a total of four tunnels, with a length o2.3km-2.4km. Since the construction of the tunnel started in March, the construction process has been smooth. The four entrances of tunnel 1 have been excavated, and up to now, the total advance has been more than 300 meters. 1t is expected that the tunnel will be completed in September 2019, and the traffic capacity will be formed in November. Other sections of the expressway are also under intense and orderly progress, and will be completed and put into operation simultaneously with Tianfu 1nternational Airport in 2019

“at present, we are speeding up the construction of the remaining works of the south section of the Third Ring Road, striving to be completed and opened to traffic by September 30, and the east section of the third ring road is also in orderly progress.” The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Transportation Committee said. Our reporter Tian Chengchen and Yuan Hongwen / photo

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