Look at the brand ranking list before choosing gas masks

Gas mask is the basic equipment of personal protective equipment, whether in the chemical plant or laboratory, as well as the military field, it is very important to equip with appropriate gas mask. The gas mask is usually composed of the mask body and accessories (such as gas filter box and filter cotton). According to the number of matching gas filter boxes, different structure and different materials of gas masks, they can be divided into single box gas mask, double box gas mask, half mask, full mask, advanced rubber gas mask and silicone gas mask

then, which brand of gas mask should we choose? What brand of gas mask is the best? What’s the ranking of gas mask brands

1. 3M

3M has the most extensive demand for personal protective equipment in China, but from the perspective of PPE personal protective equipment, 3M gas mask technology and price are the most suitable for public demand. 3M gas mask is characterized by patented cold flow exhalation valve design to reduce respiratory resistance; The product type is quite extensive, and the price of gas mask is moderate, and the mask accessories are rich, which saves the cost

3M products have obtained the safety marks of special labor protection articles of imported products, and are the pioneer of personal protective equipment

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