Looking at people’s health condition from heel wear

Some workers wearing labor protection shoes are particularly easy to wear their heels, which is a normal situation. 1t is very common in our life that the shoes are worn too far and the feet are worn too much. The heel wear can reflect the situation of the sole strength when we walk. However, if a pair of labor protection shoes are worn out in 2-3 months, it is not caused by professional habits or foot diseases. So when you go to see a doctor, you should not only look at your feet, but also your shoes

when walking, the movement route of the force is heel, then to the outside of the foot, then to the fifth toe, and finally to the thumb. The heel is the biggest point of force, and 40% of it is distributed at the bottom of the heel. When the heel touches the ground, the rear foot is slightly everted, and the lateral side of the heel contacts the ground, causing the ground reaction force at the lateral side of the heel. This is also why most people like to grind their heels, especially the outside of the heel. A small number of people wear too much, or the degree of wear asymmetry, it is likely that the disease led to incorrect walking posture

if it is found that the inner arch of the sole of the labor protection shoes wears faster, it is mostly flat feet” Flat foot “foot elasticity is small, arch collapse, foot center directly contact the ground, arch inside more easily wear. Wear heavy, mostly too high arch or hip, knee problems. People with congenital spinal diseases or hip dysplasia are more likely to wear the outer heel of labor protection shoes. When walking, people with heel pain or “outer eight character legs” tend to put more weight on the inner side of their feet, which virtually aggravates the wear of the outer heel of labor protection shoes. Heel lateral wear, alert to the “inside eight legs.”. People who walk in an octagonal shape have more pressure on the outside of their feet, which will accelerate the wear of the heel of labor protection shoes. 1f the arch of the foot is too high, the outside of the forepaw will be worn. 1f the thumb is everted, the inside of the forepaw will be worn; However, the sole of labor protection shoes is worn seriously, especially the forefoot. Most of them have cervical or lumbar diseases

the wear degree of the two shoes is different, which may be the precursor of nervous system disease or stroke. Before stroke or nervous system disease, one foot often drags the other foot to walk. Because of the different movements of the two legs, one side treads and the other side drags, so the wear of one side treads is small, and the wear of the other side drags is large

it’s normal for normal people to wear off less than half an inch in half a year when wearing labor protection shoes, sometimes the outer side is slightly more worn than the inner side. Under normal circumstances, if the newly bought labor protection shoes wear less than half an inch in half a year, it is generally normal. People with foot diseases will wear the soles severely in 2-3 months. A person should have at least two pairs of labor protection shoes, and each pair of labor protection shoes should not be worn continuously for more than 3 weeks

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