Looking forward to the emergence of more PPE brands

Many foreign companies or large state-owned companies still have a greater demand for high-end PPE products. When purchasing in the PPE field, more choices will still look for the brand. The competitive differentiation between brands will make the entire industry like spring and autumn. A hundred schools of thought in the Warring States contend and shine, whether you can do it, okay, professional or unprofessional, stand out.

The representative domestic brands of masks are “CM Chaomei”, “Green Shield”, etc.; Representative domestic brands of safety footwear, such as “Dunwang”, “Guanghe”, etc.;
Representative domestic brands of gloves, “Duoqili”, “Xingyu”, etc.;
Representative domestic brands of safety helmets” “Beijing Lida”, “Sudian Star”, “Lumei”, etc.;
Respiratory representative domestic brands “Jingzhou Sichuang”, “Shanghai Baoya”, etc.;
Although more than 60% of the world’s PPE comes from China, but there are still some gaps in some details from the world’s top PPE factories such as MAPA in France than our manufacturing level.
Our domestic brands are not rich enough in the PPE field, not just masks, but more fall protection, welding protection, cut prevention, noise prevention, anti-smashing and other products. We are still in the blank or unbranded stage. The emergence of more brands has led this field to be perfected, professionalized, and innovative.

With the continuous improvement of China’s occupational health level and the increasingly perfect occupational health protection system, all walks of life attach great importance to occupations. Health protection. In order to ensure the personal safety of workers, many employers will issue labor protection products according to different types of work. Many regulations include wearing labor protection products as a necessary measure to protect the safety of workers. These measures are essential for protecting workers’ health. Health has played a great protective role. Failure to use or improper use of labor protection products not only brings hidden dangers to on-site safety production, but also greatly endangers the health of workers. This should arouse the attention of labor supervision departments and workers at all levels.

I also hope that employers cannot send out labor insurance supplies at once. Enterprises should include labor protection supplies in their daily safety inspections. While checking safety production, they must also check whether labor protection supplies are worn and used in accordance with regulations. Workers should raise their awareness of occupational health protection and wear labor insurance products according to regulations, which is also a concrete manifestation of being responsible for their own safety.
Behind the increased awareness of safety precautions is the respect for life. I hope that after the epidemic, it can evoke the road of Chinese PPE brand.

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