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in all previous knitting expositions, in addition to all kinds of products with exquisite design, gorgeous color and extraordinary style, the high-tech advanced technology in the industry has always attracted the audience’s attention. From the bamboo charcoal fiber in the first Expo to the later kapok technology, it has now become an indispensable heavyweight product in knitting products. Hunan Luska company is famous for its high-tech products wood fiber raw materials. We will witness Luska’s elegant demeanor in the coming 4th China 1nternational Knitting Expo

Hunan Luska Ecological Textile Co., Ltd. is a Sino US joint venture company jointly established by Tianli 1nternational Business Group Co., Ltd. and Hunan Jinying Clothing Group Co., Ltd. The company is mainly engaged in the production and sales of functional health clothing and home textile products with woodsilk wood fiber as raw material

American Tianli international business group is one of the first companies to develop and operate health textile products. 1n 1995, it successfully invented woodsilk American lusca health and environmental friendly wood pulp viscose fiber and obtained the American invention patent. American Luska wood fiber is made from pine by special processing. 1t is soft and pleasant, and will not harden; Oil discharge and decontamination, clear and traceless; Super moisture absorption, comfortable body protection; Antibacterial, antibacterial, comprehensive deodorization; Summer and autumn ventilation, winter and spring insulation; Good drapability; Never be rigid; High whiteness and spinnability; Green environmental protection, natural health these eight outstanding functional characteristics, its textile products are both cotton comfort, plush softness, silk luster and hemp refreshing

because of this, woodsilk, a brand with the same name in the United States, has a profound impact on the European and American functional ecological health clothing and home textile market, bringing comfort and health to people’s wear and sleep. At present, woodsilk has become a well-known brand and sales champion in the field of functional ecological health clothing and home textile products in the U.S. market

Luska eco Textile Co., Ltd. has many excellent resources, such as European and American fashion design consulting team, American advanced enterprise management, strong working capital, advanced practical marketing operation system and so on. According to the characteristics of Chinese market, the company comprehensively integrates, designs and produces high-quality functional ecological and healthy clothing and home textile products, such as socks, underwear, underwear, shirt, towel, bath towel, bathrobe, towel quilt, etc., and introduces woodsilk US sales image for sales, creating a new business model in Chinese market

Author: Zheng Zijing

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