Low carbon trend of labor insurance industry

Facing the increasingly serious global environmental problems, countries around the world have gradually realized the importance of protecting the earth’s environment. 1n fact, a large number of human carbon emissions have a significant impact on the environment, and energy conservation and emission reduction has become an issue on the agenda. As a global labor-intensive industry, shoemaking enterprises should fully show their “low-carbon” execution in the battle to protect the earth

now, many safety shoes enterprises are paying more and more attention to the concept of environmental protection. 1n choosing materials that are easy to degrade and environmentally friendly, they mainly choose materials that can be fully decomposed and reduce pollution, so as to respond to the call of the state, advocate low-carbon and environmentally friendly life in the labor protection industry, and lead the consumption of China’s safety shoes enterprises to gradually upgrade, So as to drive the whole industry into a low-carbon environmental protection field

when safety shoes enterprises launch some environmentally friendly shoes, the shoes are made of natural cowhide and other natural organic materials, which can be fully recycled to minimize environmental pollution

therefore, natural, environmental protection, green, ecological and other safety shoes products are gradually appearing in the market. Of course, some shoemaking enterprises that can not keep up with the pace of the times are doomed to be eliminated in this “low carbon” test. So the whole industry is facing a reshuffle

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