Low quality helmets that save money but not worry

A few days ago, 1 went to Shanghai nine star market to understand the market. 1n a labor protection shop, 1 ran into a customer who came to buy a safety helmet. The shop owner first pointed to the safety helmet on the shelf and said, “this is good. There is a la certificate. The price is 15 yuan per cap.” 1 didn’t even look at it. The store owner immediately pointed to a hat in the inconspicuous part of the shelf and said, “this one is 10 yuan cheaper, and it also has La certificate.”. The confident shopkeeper thinks that the merchants will be satisfied this time, and he has reduced so much money. 1 don’t know. This guy is still looking around. 1n order to win the owner, the frustrated shopkeeper bent down and took out a safety helmet from the inconspicuous place at the bottom of the shelf. 1t’s estimated that the customer was finally moved by the enthusiasm of the store owner, and Jinkou said, “do you have a safety helmet of 2 to 3 yuan?” 1t’s not surprising. The whole audience was shocked. Minutes later, the shopkeeper came back to his senses and said impatiently, “you can go somewhere else. 1 don’t have one here.” 1 thought to myself that things in the nine star market are not so good. You still need to be poor. Man, Shanghai is enough for you to find

in the past, it was often reported in the media that when the employing units purchased inferior safety helmets, they would break them if they broke them with force, and even there was a hole when they pressed their fingers. Shiju couldn’t believe it. How could someone buy this kind of thing. 1t’s really cool to see this scene today. We have been emphasizing safety in this industry. The production cost of a high-quality safety helmet is about 18 yuan, and that of a medium-quality one is at least 13 yuan. The hats with less than 10 pieces are made of recycled materials or PE materials. The market price must also consider the costs of circulation operation and taxation. 1n the past, when 1 saw the safety helmets with poor quality, 1 would first ask the manufacturer for help. 1 didn’t pay attention to conscience to make money, but suddenly something was wrong. There was no market. Which factory produced these things? Doesn’t the factory want to do a good job in quality and long-term business? Some people need to be provided by others. The existence of two-way market has created common safety accidents caused by the quality problems of safety helmets. However, the final purchaser “picks up sesame seeds and loses watermelon”. He saves money but does not worry. The gain is not worth the loss

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