Luo Zhixiang’s gas mask appears in Beijing haze

recently, “piggy” Luo Zhixiang arrived at the capital airport in full force. On the same day, Luo Zhixiang appeared with a black “gas mask”, which was very eye-catching

“piggy” is fully armed this time, which must be related to the haze weather in recent days. With the deterioration of air quality, haze weather phenomenon increased and the harm increased. Air pollution has a long-term and chronic effect on lung cancer. Foreign studies have shown that toxic particles in the air in haze days are also an important cause of cardiovascular disease. Besides cancer, haze is a heart killer. Particulate pollutants in cloudy days can not only cause myocardial infarction, but also cause myocardial ischemia or injury. Chronic bronchitis, emphysema, asthma, bronchitis, rhinitis, upper and lower respiratory tract infections and other common respiratory diseases may also be triggered by haze.

foreign studies have shown that for every 10 UG / m3 increase in the concentration of inhalable particulate matter, respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases and total daily mortality increase by 3.4%, 1.4% and 1%, respectively

when will we break out of the “haze”

for the public, in the face of such frequent haze, it has changed from the initial patience to an intolerable state. Some netizens ridiculed, “now even drink northwest wind will be poisoned.” Recently, actor Song Dandan also posted a photo of Beijing under the haze on his micro blog, and said, “1 was born and grew up in Beijing for 50 years. The tide of going abroad and all kinds of temptations have not allowed me to leave this lovely city. Today, my mind has been turning. Where should 1 go to spend my new year?” The microblog has attracted more than 34000 times of forwarding and more than 18000 comments. Some netizens suggested that she go to Qingdao, Hainan and Xiamen to spend her old age, but others said that she could leave the earth and go to the moon

in the face of heavy haze, escape is obviously not the ultimate way. When the city we live in is always in a hazy state, we should not only discuss what kind of masks we wear, but how to change the status quo, and what can we do to stop and control the haze

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