Made in China Carnival in Brazil

the Brazilian Carnival has become the world of Chinese goods

the Brazilian Carnival is known as the largest Carnival in the world. According to reports, about 80% of the costumes used for performances at the Brazilian Carnival in March this year were imported from China. Both traditional Samba costumes and exotic props like Elvis Presley costumes are made of Chinese polyester and nylon

Claudia Yingting runs a samba dress shop in the North block of Sao Paulo. Thousands of fabrics in her shop are imported from China at a price about 40% lower than that of Brazil

in recent years, affected by the rapid appreciation of Brazil’s currency, Chinese goods have poured into this Latin American country. This is one of the biggest political problems since Brazilian president dilma Rousseff took office. Honatan Schmidt, President of the Brazilian Textile 1mporters Association, told the Financial Times: “15 years ago, the situation was completely different. At that time, these things were all made in Brazil. “

Sakura Ting recalled that when she started the company in 2005, the price of Brazilian real to us dollar was abou2.5 to 1, and only about 30% of her cloth was imported. At present, 1 US dollar can be converted into 1.6 reais, and 60% of imports. She said that this is not just about the exchange rate. Brazil’s textile industry lacks new equipment and investment to meet the current strong market demand< Economists believe that Brazil's measures to curb the appreciation of the real are basically futile. The only practical solution is to strengthen skills training, purchase better machines and develop infrastructure. Not only for the textile industry, but for all other industries. Although Petrobras is vigorously expanding polyester production in its northeast factories, the carnival is unlikely to return to "made in Brazil" for a while by Samantha Pearson

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