Made in Jiangxi shoes enter the international market

it is reported that at present, Jiangxi’s foreign trade export has exceeded 20 billion US dollars, fundamentally changing the status of Jiangxi’s foreign trade export in the central region and even the whole country. Looking at the amazing leap of Jiangxi Province’s foreign trade and export, we can not help attracting investment. 1t is precisely because the whole province unswervingly pays attention to attracting investment and major project construction, constantly optimizes the quality of attracting investment, and introduces a large number of export-oriented enterprises to settle down, which effectively promotes the rapid growth of foreign trade export

since the beginning of this year, the province’s export of labor-intensive industries has been growing steadily, especially the shoemaking industry. Taking Shanggao as an example, at present, a large number of international brands such as “Nike” in the United States and “Diarra” in 1taly have invested and settled down. The international brand shoes made in Jiangxi have entered the international markets such as the United States, the European Union, Japan, Australia and Canada. 1n the United States, one in every 20 people wears shoes “made in Jiangxi”. Jiangxi Province has become an important production base of world brand shoes

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