Maintenance of gas masks by officers and soldiers of Handan military division

A few days ago, deep in the Taihang Mountains, the wind was cold

Liu Xinquan, commander of Handan military division in Hebei Province, smiles when he sees that the camping tents built by various units have passed the customs. Many units have been “tossed” for several times

at 1 a.m., a sharp emergency assembly whistle broke through the night sky. The officers and soldiers who wake up in their sleep, in the dark, quickly carry the equipment, please lead the weapons… 1 noticed that it took less than 3 minutes from the whistle to the end of the assembly” To toss everyone around is to correct the incorrect heating methods of individual units. ” Training staff Wang Xudong said loudly in front of the team

every year, the military divisions engage in winter training. Considering the hard journey, they usually arrange to focus on finding problems after the end of the mission, but there are new changes this year” Training with problems and finding problems in training; The same day to find the night to change, do not let the problem too late. ” On the way to practice, 1 heard the leaders of the military division say this more than once

during the training, the military division also let the ministers of the 19 subordinate military departments take turns to be “Directors” to improve their command ability while testing their brother units. The author saw at the scene that a minister of the Ministry of people’s armed forces, when dealing with the situation, always sought the help of the staff around him. The command and planning were disordered, and the guidance and adjustment group immediately pointed out the problem, which made the minister blush

“if you don’t get serious on the training ground, you will lose on the battlefield.” Liu laoqun, political commissar of the military division, told the author that after the end of the training subjects every day, all units organized a summary in time, summed up the experience and lessons, and screened the problems one by one. Some of the militiamen participating in the training have their own views on this: “the leaders of the provincial military region can’t see the picture in the tent at night, so we don’t have to compete with ourselves?” 1n this regard, the leaders led by the Ministry of military promptly corrected the situation and made it clear that “in peacetime, it is not true, but in wartime, it is necessary to bleed.”

because of opening the door to listen and open the skylight to speak, we found more than 30 problems along the way, such as the old routine of command and planning, wearing clothes and hats and so on. The leaders of the military divisions seized on these problems and organized personnel overnight to correct them. 1 see along the way, small to daily cultivation, big to command drills, problem solving thoroughly, everyone nervous

the author followed the director’s department all the way. When the drill quickly passed the lesson of “enemy” contaminated zone, the chief of staff of the military division called the driver to stop the car, stopped several running military cadres, and checked whether the gas mask was leaking. Unexpectedly, he fell down with a little tug….

that night, the training department gathered the military section chief of each military department for training, and repaired the gas masks he carried overnight. Some officers and soldiers sighed that the training had the flavor of war

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