Major fire hazard units interviewed

1n order to solidly carry out the special action of centralized rectification of major fire hazards, Wenjiang Fire Department of Chengdu held an interview meeting with the main responsible persons of major fire hazard units today (27). Gong Xiaobo, deputy director of the fire safety committee of Wenjiang District and political commissar of the Public Security Bureau, attended the interview and asked the boss of the enterprise

according to the national unified deployment, Sichuan provincial government decided to carry out the special action of centralized remediation of major fire hazards in the whole province from June 25 to October 20, 2014. 1n order to make the bosses fully realize the purpose and significance of the special action, the leaders of the brigade organized the interviewed enterprise managers to study the relevant documents of Sichuan fire brigade and Chengdu fire brigade, and clearly pointed out that major fire hazards will not be delisted and the case will not be stopped. The brigade will invite media at all levels to track and report the rectification process of the hazards, and urge the rectification of major fire hazards. The staff in charge of their respective districts respectively pointed out the major fire hazards existing in the units and carried out one-to-one exchanges and discussions

it is understood that the four enterprises participating in the meeting on that day were all major fire hazard units submitted by the fire department to the district government for supervision since 2013. Some of them have not been completely rectified and delisted, while some of them are difficult to rectify and have not yet taken action. 1n order to completely eliminate the fire hazards and give employees and citizens a happy environment to live and work, Wenjiang fire department took advantage of the wind of national unified action and actively reported to the local Party committee and government, forming a joint force to fight the fire, laying a solid foundation for winning the battle

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