Make firefighters no longer temporary workers

Fire fighting is not only physical strength and courage, as a practical science, it needs the accumulation of experience. A firefighter who has worked for ten or twenty years will certainly be better in ability and quality than a firefighter who has only worked for one or two years. He will have better ability to deal with and respond to fire

on the afternoon of May 1, a fire broke out in a high-rise residential building on Longwu Road in Shanghai. During the fire fighting, firefighters Qian Lingyun and Liu Jie fell from the 13th floor under the influence of the thrust of the heat wave. They died after rescue. So far this year, four firefighters have died in Shanghai

the death of two firefighters is very sad. 1n particular, they held hands when they fell out of the window. 1t seemed that one of them suddenly lost his center of gravity and fell from the building, while the other tried to rescue. Such a scene has moved countless people

firefighters have become a profession with high mortality rate. 1n recent years, the news of firefighters’ death in the fire is continuous, and these firefighters are often very young. For example, Qian Lingyun is only 23 years old and Liu Jienian is only 20 years old A 2013 report of people’s public security once disclosed that since 2006, the average age of fire officers and soldiers in China has been 24 years old, and the youngest is only 18 years old

is such a heavy blood loss a price that firefighters have to pay? 1n fact, not necessarily. 1n Oslo, the capital of Norway, there have been nearly 70 years since the Second World War when no firefighter died in disaster relief. Similarly, in other developed countries, the “high risk” of firefighters is not necessarily equal to the “high mortality” of fires

then, why can these countries effectively control the casualties of firefighters? 1n addition to advanced equipment and equipment, one of the most important reasons is the professional management of firefighters in these countries. 1n these countries, the benefits of firemen are very good. 1n New York, the average annual salary of a fireman who has been in the business for five years is more than US $99000 (twice the annual salary of a local university professor). This does not include other additional benefits, such as lifelong medical insurance for the fireman himself and his family, etc. Because of such high benefits, firefighters in these countries tend to be able to retire

the advantage of professionalization is obvious. Fire fighting is not only about physical strength and courage, but also the accumulation of experience as a practical science. A firefighter who has worked for ten or twenty years will certainly be better in ability and quality than a firefighter who has only worked for one or two years. He will have better ability to deal with and respond to fire

but in China, it’s a different situation. Recently, Wuhan baohuoge, who is popular on the 1nternet, says that he is a “temporary worker”. Due to the long time on duty, high risk of work and low salary, it is difficult to recruit and retain firefighters under this contract system. As the main body of firefighters, most of the soldiers in active service are also “temporary workers” – after two years of service, many people leave the fire brigade as soon as they start, while the new ones have no experience and start from scratch. For those who have been able for a long time, they have to face the test of frequent promotion of sergeants. Many young and experienced fire cadres have to switch to other occupations

firefighters not only have to face the dangerous fire, but also are the main force of all kinds of rescue, which undoubtedly puts forward high requirements for the professional ability of firefighters. The professionalization of firefighters is more conducive to retaining professional backbone, accumulating experience and improving the efficiency of the whole team. Of course, the financial investment for the professional system of firefighters will be relatively large, but safety is the most basic public service, so there is no need to save what should be spent. What’s more, with the reduction of the loss of life and property caused by the improvement of fire fighting efficiency, the investment is actually worth it

after the fire in Hengyang in 2003 caused the death of 20 firefighters, public opinion began to call for the professionalization of firefighters. At present, in addition to a few places such as Shandong, firefighters in other places are still “soldiers of iron barracks and flowing water”. 1n order to give firefighters better professional treatment and security, the professionalization of firefighters needs to be put on the agenda as soon as possible

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