Make up lessons to keep the bottom line of fire safety

Recently, Huzhou Zhili fire brigade launched a half day centralized training for more than 1300 new owners of children’s wear enterprises. On the training day, more than 1300 children’s wear owners listened attentively to the theoretical teaching of fire instructors in the auditorium on the first floor of the town’s science and technology and cultural center

“fire safety is the bottom line for enterprise development. As the first person in charge, enterprise managers should firmly establish the concept of” benchmarking “for safety development, have the sense of responsibility of being responsible for local affairs, and have the sense of” red line “and” bottom line “for safety.” Zhang Huimin, a town government worker in charge of the training, said

in view of the fact that the fire safety awareness of the new children’s wear enterprises is weak, the fire brigade meticulously produced the fire safety education and training courseware for children’s wear owners. The training adopted such training methods as theory indoctrination, case analysis, classroom discussion, and teaching interaction, focusing on the characteristics of fire hazards of children’s wear enterprises How to deal with the fire and the key links of the daily fire safety management of the enterprise, and how to escape from the fire and how to organize the evacuation are explained in detail

in order to ensure full participation in the training, one week before the training, the community supervisors will issue notices and leaflets door-to-door, and the training site will take strict measures to sign in, obtain certificates, verify and register. For those who fail to come for no reason, the community safety supervisors will organize “supplementary courses” to ensure that there is no one left in the training class

“before, we didn’t know anything about fire fighting, but only focused on production and efficiency. The fire brigade organized our fire fighting training in zero distance, and the effect was very good. This can not only enhance the understanding between owners, but also guide the work, and let us have a new understanding of enterprise fire fighting, which is deeply educated and inspired.”. After the training, many owners sighed

“the purpose of our centralized training is to let these new owners of children’s wear enterprises set an example, be the” leading geese “of enterprise fire safety, mobilize their enthusiasm and initiative to do a good job in enterprise fire protection, and maximally stop and reduce fire hazards,” said Mao Fenghua, deputy chief of Zhili fire brigade, who is responsible for the teaching

in the next step, Zhili fire brigade will organize family style children’s wear enterprises in rural areas to carry out a new round of fire safety training on the basis of the training for new children’s wear owners, so as to create a fire safety atmosphere of “everyone pays attention to fire fighting and everyone attaches importance to fire fighting”, and provide strong security for the pilot economic construction and rapid development of small cities in Zhili town

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