Malaysian people wear masks due to air pollution

Recently, Malaysia’s Selangor and Kuala Lumpur areas were still shrouded in haze yesterday. The monitoring of Malaysia’s Environment Bureau in many parts of the country showed that as of 4 pm, the air pollution index of five areas exceeded 100 points, which belonged to the “unhealthy” level

as the air pollution index in Xuelong area was once as high as 150 points, it was gray everywhere, and many people began to wear masks to go out

Malaysia’s minister of natural resources and environment, baraniwe, issued a notice yesterday evening, saying that the “moderate haze” faced by Malaysia is mainly caused by burning Ba and forest fires in several states of the peninsula, rather than transnational haze from Sumatra, 1ndonesia

according to the data on the official website of the Malaysian Environment Agency, the areas with air pollution index exceeding the standard are mainly in Xuelong, namely, batalinjaya (109), shayanan (101), Wenting (118) and badumuda (107). The air pollution index (AP1) of jurai (115) is also unhealthy

in addition, although there was a long drought and rain in Xuelong area recently, the rain that came and went quickly was still a drop in the bucket for the people, which could not increase the water storage capacity of seven dams in Xuelong area. On the contrary, the water level of the Selangor River dam, which supplied 60% of the water in the basheng River Basin (Xuelong), was further reduced to 195.1 meters, only a few meters away from the dangerous level of 184.63 meters. At present, water distribution system is implemented in many areas around Xuelong, so dams are unable to collect a large amount of rainwater. 1n addition, smog is coming, and more than 2 million people are facing water shortage, which is expected to be unable to improve in the short term

Malaysian Meteorological Bureau spokesman azha said yesterday that the authorities will focus on making rain in South mabuyun and over the catchment area and dam

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