Man fell into the pit after drinking, fireman tied safety rope to rescue

Recently, a man in Zhaxi street, Zhaxi Town, Weixin County, Zhaotong accidentally fell into a sewage septic tank after drinking. When the residents found out, they immediately called the police, and officers and soldiers of Weixin fire brigade rushed to the scene to carry out rescue

after arriving at the scene, the rescue workers learned from the police and the masses that the man fell into a 3-meter-deep septic tank and his hands and feet were injured. 1f he was not rescued in time, the consequences would be unimaginable. 1n response to this situation, the commander immediately divided the rescue officers and soldiers into three groups: one group was on guard, the other group was preparing equipment, the other group was saving people. They were responsible for strengthening the communication with the trapped man and stabilizing his mood. At the same time, they used the hook ladder to set up a rescue channel and went deep into the pit to rescue the trapped man

six minutes later, after confirming that there was no danger of biogas in the cesspit, the commander ordered an experienced team member to go deep into the pit and rescue the trapped man. At 0:30, the rescue team members entering the pit communicated with the trapped man and confirmed that the trapped man only had a fracture of his left hand and that other parts of his body were in good condition. After that, the rescue officers and soldiers tied the belt and safety rope to the man and rescued the man through up and down cooperation. At 0:45, the fire officers and soldiers successfully rescued the trapped man, and then handed him over to the Zaxi police station for treatment

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