Managing trademarks well to help enterprises increase profits rapidly

in an interview with China fashion.com, the trademark experts of shangbiao.com, the leading website of China Trademark trade, said that the main reason for the development limitations of enterprise brands in various industries is that they have not managed the trademarks well. The following are some suggestions of shangbiao.com experts:

first, enterprises should set up special functional departments, Be fully responsible for the trademark management and decision-making of the enterprise, and bring the trademark strategy into the operation and management system of the enterprise. 1n fact, from the practical experience, it is not appropriate to disperse trademark management to multiple functional departments. Large scale enterprises should set up intellectual property department, and can also merge the management work into a comprehensive trademark functional department. For example, the white pigeon group has set up special agencies< Secondly, we should establish various working systems of trademark management in enterprises. For example, the design of a trademark should be put forward by the trademark functional department before the application, and then there should be strict internal audit procedures to check whether the trademark is significant and recognizable. Strict responsibility system should be implemented for the printing and production of trademarks, so as to institutionalize and standardize the daily use of registered trademarks thirdly, we should pay attention to the management of enterprise trademark archives and give full play to the role of trademark archives. Enterprise trademark archives are the relevant documents and materials preserved in the process of trademark registration and use. Whether the trademark files of an enterprise are complete and well managed is related to whether the trademark can be effectively protected< Fourth, form the trademark system of enterprises and enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises. The trademark system of an enterprise is the general name of the whole trademark of an enterprise, which is composed of several trademarks and their activities. 1t forms the unification of trademark behavior and business behavior, trademark reputation and enterprise reputation, and trademark advantage behavior and enterprise advantage. Actively assist the law enforcement agencies to crack down on counterfeiting and infringement, and keep the relevant information of anti-counterfeiting activities on file, so as to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises “in the field of trademarks, many enterprises only pay attention to profits and are busy with production and operation activities all day long. When the goods or services they produce or operate are booming, they find that the brand they have painstakingly created has been registered by others. Although this can be remedied by legal means such as applying for improper registration, it consumes a lot of energy of the enterprise after all, and sometimes even becomes a key link in the important market operation of the enterprise. ” Shangbiao.com trademark experts believe that it is imperative to strengthen the trademark protection of enterprises. After protection, the brand is shaped. “Even if the company is burned to ashes overnight, it will be able to stand up again the next day, because the brand value has been highlighted. This is the power of the brand and the wealth that can not be burned by the fire.” Author: Biao Wen

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