many departments in Yufeng District of Liuzhou inquired about the construction site and put on “safety helmet” for workers

in order to learn from the collapse accident of the cooling tower construction platform under construction in Jiangxi Fengcheng No.1 Power Plant on November 24, further strengthen the fire safety management of the construction site under construction, and prevent the recurrence of such accidents, Liuzhou Yufeng fire brigade, Yufeng District Safety Supervision Bureau and Yufeng housing and construction department attached great importance to it, combined with the recent cold weather and the actual fire safety of the construction site, Starting today, we will jointly carry out a week-long special fire safety rectification for the projects under construction in the area under our jurisdiction, and earnestly strengthen the fire prevention and control work in the region this winter

on the morning of November 25, the inspection team conducted a special inspection on the fire safety of construction sites of real estate projects such as Evergrande Washington and China Resources Land. The inspected construction sites are located in the central part of the city, with a construction area of more than 200000 square meters and thousands of workers. Every time a construction site is inspected, the inspection team focuses on the management of electricity and fire use at the construction site, especially the welding site. 1t carefully checks whether the fire-fighting equipment is equipped and whether the safety operation procedures are strictly implemented, and urges the cleaning of sundries at the welding site. 1t requires the welders to check the site once after work to ensure that there is no spark; 1n the workers’ dormitory, the firemen checked the setting of fire stairs and the equipment of fire fighting equipment in the dormitory, pointed out that the articles in the workers’ dormitory of construction project were placed in disorder, the ground was full of cigarette ends and useful high-power electrical appliances, and required the person in charge to strengthen the fire safety management, prohibit smoking and standardize the laying of electrical circuits

during the inspection, the fire inspectors of Liuzhou Yufeng fire brigade also reported the recent domestic fire accidents to the person in charge of the construction site, pointing out that the current temperature is decreasing, the power consumption is increasing rapidly, and the flammable materials on the construction site are in the majority, resulting in the increase of fire risk load. The person in charge of the construction site is required to be responsible for the progress of the project and the safety of workers, Strengthen fire safety management, organize fire training for workers to ensure fire safety< 1t is reported that this special fire safety inspection activity will last until next week. Liuzhou Yufeng fire brigade, Yufeng District Safety Supervision Bureau and Yufeng District Housing and construction department will conduct a comprehensive visit and inspection on the key construction sites under their jurisdiction, so as to further promote the standardized fire safety management of construction sites, and supervise the rectification of illegal operation and illegal use of fire and electricity, We will further promote winter prevention

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