Many high school students in Anhui Province were burned by highly toxic chemicals

On December 29, a netizen disclosed that many students of Langxi middle school in Anhui Province were injured when they encountered a highly toxic chemical hydrofluoric acid while doing chemical experiments. The reporter learned from the Langxi official that this matter is basically true

on December 28, a netizen named “Chui Wen chun’er” posted a post saying that he was a student of Langxi middle school. When he touched hydrofluoric acid while doing a chemical experiment, his finger was black and painful. The netizen also attached a photo of his finger injured. As soon as this post came out, it immediately attracted the attention of netizens, and then this post was deleted, but it still continued to ferment on the 1nternet

are there any students injured? 1s the student seriously injured? On December 29, the reporter contacted the person in charge of the Publicity Department of Langxi County Party committee

“it’s true.” According to a person in charge of the Publicity Department of Langxi County Party committee, after preliminary understanding, on December 27, a chemistry teacher of Langxi middle school organized a class of senior one students to do a glass carving experiment in the chemistry laboratory, in which hydrofluoric acid was used. During the experiment, many students’ hands were stained with hydrofluoric acid. Afterwards, the teacher asked the students to wash their hands with tap water

“most of the students were rinsed, but seven of them didn’t clean their hands. After returning home, their hands became red and swollen. Then the parents reported to the school, and the school sent the students to a hospital in Nanjing for treatment.” The person in charge said that at present, after treatment, 7 students whose hands were burned are in good health and have been discharged from hospital for treatment at home

“it’s not as serious as it’s spread on the 1nternet.” The person in charge said that the local education department has launched an investigation on the matter and is still under investigation

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