many sanitary ware enterprises in Foshan have been shut down due to production safety problems

Since winter, because of dry weather and other reasons, the news of factory explosion and fire emerge in an endless stream. Foshan government has introduced a series of measures to strengthen the supervision of the factory and strictly enforce the law

from November 13, 2017 to January 9, 2018, a total of 12158 hidden dangers of production safety accidents were found in Gaoming District of Foshan City, 9494 hidden dangers were rectified, 2706 rectification orders were issued, and 305 enterprises were closed, banned and stopped production for rectification; From the beginning of 2017 to January 10, 2018, the total amount of economic penalties for work safety in Shishan town, Foshan wa2.2171 million yuan, among which 170 dust explosion related enterprises were inspected, 107 rectification instructions were issued, and 12 enterprises were temporarily suspended for rectification

among them, Foshan Jiedian Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. and Foshan Gaoming Zhengdong home furnishing Co., Ltd. failed to implement the “three Simultaneities” system of safety production, failed to formulate the dust cleaning system, failed to timely clean up the dust on the operation site, and failed to install ventilation devices and explosion-proof electrical equipment and facilities in the paint mixing room of the painting workshop according to the specifications, and were sealed by law enforcement personnel according to law, The business site shall be ordered to suspend production operations temporarily and resume production operations only after examination< On December 26, a sanitary ware factory in an industrial development zone of Foshan city looked clean and tidy. However, after careful investigation by the inspection team, it was found that there were illegal residents in the inner room, and there were serious fire safety hazards! According to the rectification notice, the inspection team immediately ordered the enterprise to make rectification within a time limit to eliminate potential safety hazards, and applied for resumption of production only after the inspection team passed the review due to a large amount of wood and sawdust in the workshop, Foshan Tongye Wood 1ndustry Co., Ltd. failed to install spray devices in the workshop as required. And inspectors also found that the workshop equipment wires covered with sawdust, once the wire short circuit caused sparks, it is likely to cause fire or explosion. 1n addition, the inspectors also found that the company had fire hazards such as illegal building and occupying fire prevention space, and the company was fined 10000 yuan Foshan oushangshang home factory was fined 20000 yuan for blocking the evacuation passageway with boards in the factory, failing to take proper management and maintenance measures for the fire hydrant in the factory, opening the switch valve to drain without water, etc the sanitary ware enterprises are going to have a holiday near the end of the new year. At this time, we can not relax our attention to the safety of the factory. What aspects should we eliminate the potential safety hazards in daily production. Suggestions are as follows: 1. Whether there are “three violations” in the factory

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