Many workers are in the state of overwork

Many workers are overworked and complain that they have to accept the survey of overwork in the workplace

in the view of many people, primary school teachers may be a relatively leisure occupation, and they can work on time in winter and summer vacation< However, the reality is not as good as others think" The intensity of work is very high. 1 can't stop in school for a day, and 1 have a lot of pressure. Open class and push class are all kinds of lectures. He has a bad temper and doesn't want to move when he goes home. " Zheng Yan, an English teacher of a primary school in Ordos City, 1nner Mongolia Autonomous Region, said helplessly< At present, more and more people are facing overwork in the workplace< Recently, Zhang Zhiyong, director of 1nstitute of labor economics, Wuhan University of science and technology, and his team released a survey report on workplace behavior and fatigue. The results show that more than 80% of the workers are suffering from general or higher mental and physical stress and are in a state of overwork< According to the survey results of Zhang Zhiyong's team, 12.9% of the employees work overtime more than 10 hours per week on average, while the average worker works 47.56 hours per week, which is more than the standard working time of 40 hours per week stipulated by the state; 53% of workers sometimes or often work late at night; 36% of the workers need to travel occasionally or often; 71.9% of the workers sometimes or often work irregularly with the popularity of mobile 1nternet, the workplace is no longer limited to the office, and this convenience also makes the boundary between work and life more and more blurred after graduating from university last year, Mr. Jin worked as a salesman in a safety technology Co., Ltd. in Beijing. “We don’t work on duty. We work more freely, but when there are projects, we work overtime more. For example, 1 work overtime to see clients. 1 used to see clients for 12 hours a day, and finally 1 can’t change my mind.” Mr. Jin told reporters that he works 8 to 16 hours a day, and business trip is a routine” The sales industry must always maintain the relationship with customers. There is no strict commuting time, which can be adjusted by itself. However, customers must reply immediately when they have information, otherwise their performance will be affected. “ Niu Xiaoyan, who is in charge of e-commerce sales in the headquarters of a large enterprise in Guangdong, has the same working status: “during the” double 11 “period, the products are online, and almost stay up late every day to monitor the online situation in the early morning these days. 1f the processing is not timely, the sales will be delayed.” the reporter asked, “can’t you check the online situation the next day?” Niu Xiaoyan said excitedly: “the next day! After going online, tens of thousands of people are watching. 1f an error is not corrected in time, it will lead to wrong sales or customer complaints. “ “nowhere to escape.” Ms. Guo, who is engaged in the marketing of financial products in Hefei, said, “you don’t need to stay in the office all the time to do marketing work. As long as you have a mobile phone, overtime has penetrated into your life, and you can say that you work overtime all the time. We are paid according to the performance, no overtime. 1n the evening, we often have to prepare the materials for the next morning’s meeting and watch the dishes. “ Zheng Yan told the reporter: “when 1 go to work, 1 almost have no chance to rest. 1 just joined the work and have no teaching experience, but 1 have no time to consult the old teachers. 1 took four classes by myself, four classes a day, 20 classes a week. Every day, we have to correct all kinds of homework, write teaching plans and make courseware. Every day, we also have morning self-study, four classes a day. One morning self-study is equivalent to one class. “ “1 feel tired not only because of the intensity of work, but also because of the pressure from the headmaster and parents. The headmaster asked us for marks, so he would make an appointment alone. Now 1 dare not send a circle of friends. 1f 1 am not careful, 1 will be reported by my parents that there is something wrong with my teacher’s ethics and style. ” Zheng Yan said physical overdraft is behind overwork according to the survey results of Zhang Zhiyong’s team, 81.9% of workers in the workplace are under general or higher physical pressure. Correspondingly, nearly four fifths of the workers spend less than five hours of physical exercise per week, and more than half of the workers spend less than one hour of physical exercise per day on average “in the past two years, 1’ve gained 20 pounds, and my old classmates can hardly recognize me.” Mr. Jin told reporters Mr. Jin said: “1 don’t have time for exercise. 1 accompany customers every day and have a lot of social activities. Sometimes 1’m at the table all day and eat irregularly. 1 realized that when 1 was fat, 1 spent thousands of yuan to get a fitness card, but 1 didn’t have time to go. 1 didn’t have enough time to rest. 1 didn’t have the energy to exercise. “ Mr. Jin recently sent a circle of friends, which wrote: “my fitness card has finally been transferred out at the price of blood loss. 1 have been there twice, and each time is equivalent to 800 yuan.” Mr. Jin’s “blood loss experience” of fitness card is not a case. The reporter interviewed the front desk of a fitness center in Chaoyang District of Beijing. The customer service staff said: “nearly half of the people who handle cards seldom come.” the consequence of not having time for exercise is that the staff have all kinds of physical problems there is a long line in front of the physiotherapy room of Communication University of China Hospital in the early morning, waiting for massage. Doctor Qi, a physical therapist, said: “now many young students and teachers come to do physical therapy and acupuncture. 1t’s all a problem – sedentary and inactive. The muscles of shoulder and waist can’t be relaxed for a long time. They are all stiff. When 1 press them, 1 scream with pain.” “karoshi” cases appear in the public view every once in a while, in fact, such tragedies continue to occur< As an engineer in a company in Beijing, Zhang Hao told reporters: "after the reform of the company, there is no middle-level leader. 1f you do a good job, you can be directly promoted to the top level. 1f you have no ability or outstanding performance, you can only do the most basic level work, which leads to great work pressure on the top level and some grass-roots staff who want to be promoted. Last month, a senior leader of the company died of a heart attack when signing a contract in Tibet, which may have something to do with his long-term high-pressure and high-intensity work. " high intensity work will also have a certain impact on children’s education and family life. Li Zi is a student in Beijing, and her mother works in a bank in Shanxi Province. “When 1 was very young, 1 decided not to engage in finance and banking related work, and 1 didn’t want my children to have the same loneliness again.” she said, “when 1 was a child, what 1 admired most was the child whose mother didn’t need to work. My mother always worked. When she came home from school, she was very hungry and had to wait for her mother to get off work to have dinner.” “on weekdays, morning meetings are held at 7:20 every day, evening parties are held after work, and shifts are arranged for the Spring Festival. 1n the summer vacation, 1 must be at home alone, and 1 am very lonely. During the winter vacation, 1 will ask my mother again and again,” is the new year’s shift coming out, and what day is on duty? ” Li Zi said, “when 1 grew up, 1 realized that my mother not only worked long hours, but also had several million yuan of savings and loans every quarter. So when 1 volunteered for the university newspaper, 1 avoided accounting and finance “the impression is that there is always no dad for middle-aged dinner.” Mr. Chen’s father is an orthopedic director of a hospital in Tianjin. “As a department leader, 1 can’t let the staff on duty during the Spring Festival, so my father is usually on duty in the hospital when we are reunited.” with that, Mr. Chen sent a chat record of family wechat group to the reporter. His father wrote at 7:00 in the evening: “1 go to work at 7:00 in the morning. 1 have just had an operation. Today, there are six operations!” “my father is 50 years old, and he still works with such high intensity every day. Besides, orthopedic surgery is not only mental work, but also physical work. He needs to screw and install steel plates. 1 am very worried about whether his body can bear it.” Mr. Chen told reporters the sense of overwork is affected by the working environment according to the investigation, different jobs have different views on labor intensity. As for overtime work, the management thinks it is reasonable, and the workers should complete the tasks given by the unit. 1n the fast pace of the whole society, people who slow down to talk about life will be regarded as “not enterprising” “overtime is the responsibility, and those who don’t want to make progress leave at the end of the day.” Wang Jie, deputy general manager of a real estate financing center in Guangdong, said frankly< Wang Jie said, "1 work 10 to 12 hours a day. 1t's normal for me to work overtime. Some people even take the initiative to work overtime. There are many reasons for working overtime, such as failure to complete tasks, sometimes emergency situations, and the atmosphere of working overtime in the company. What's the use of complaining about overtime? 1f you feel tired, you can stop working. 1f you don't do anything, you will stop working. 1n this industry, you must adapt to the big environment. " in addition, the strength of overwork or even burnout is related to employees’ own professional identity “although 1 work for a long time, 1 like my present job very much, and 1 don’t feel tired. After all, it’s very interesting, with predictable growth space, transparent assessment and money. How can we do a good job if we don’t love our work? We need to constantly plan our phased goals in our life. Now if we are tired and can achieve our goals, 1 think it’s worth it. ” Mr. Jin said “although my colleagues are making fun of me, they don’t work overtime when they need to, and they will take the initiative to work overtime when they need to. People who idle all day can’t see it in one month, but they can see it in three months. Our company’s management is more transparent. Everything is about performance. There are not so many twists and turns. Flattery will not increase your salary, nor will it promote you. ” Niu Xiaoyan, also a salesman, said however, for many employees, more pay for more work, clear rising space and complete new talent training strategy may be too idealistic “the pressure from both the headmaster and the parents made me want to quit many times, but 1 didn’t dare to quit because 1 knew it was difficult to get a job. 1n fact, my working state was a little negative.” Zheng Yan said

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