March 15 consumer rights day red flag labor insurance escort you

with the increasing air pollution, more and more citizens tend to wear anti haze masks for travel. But do you know that the famous masks on the market are probably fake

according to the laboratory identification of 3M company, the fake mask not only has rough technology, but also uses inferior filter materials, and the filtration performance is not up to the standard. 1f consumers wear this kind of fake mask, it not only can not play its due protective role, but also can cause harm to their health. 1t is suggested that consumers buy mask protection products from authorized regular channels or dealers

in order to prevent you from buying fake products

Tianjin Hongqi labor protection agency brand 3M products

mask series

common sense of true and false identification

introduce 3M products in detail

identification of anti haze mask

see the product anti-counterfeiting mark clearly, if there is any damage, you can find the supplier to replace the relevant products

1. Smell, 3M mask has no peculiar smell, only activated carbon mask has a faint smell of activated carbon, rubber belt has no smell

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