Market investigation report on personal protective equipment for firefighters in Western Europe in 2020 released

According to the AP report on November 10, a report entitled “wasteland fire drives the development of personal protective equipment market for firefighters in Western Europe” was released. The report, with 97 pages in total, analyzes in detail the growth opportunities, main driving forces and development restrictions of the Western European market, and forecasts the total market volume of different products, such as air breathing apparatus, fire-fighting clothing, fire gloves and fire boots

the report points out that global warming, drier summers, more forest fires and technological innovation will drive the development of personal protective equipment market for firefighters in Western Europe. The concern about the carcinogenesis of fire fighting operation also prompted people to develop a standardized equipment cleaning process after operation; The market’s acceptance of easy to clean fire clothing will be higher

the preference for ergonomic helmets, lightweight helmets with small brims and high integration helmets will promote the growth of helmet Market. Full helmet (type

b) helmets are popular in Britain, 1reland, 1taly and France; Half helmets are more common in Germany and Austria because there are more volunteer firefighters

after the emergence of helmets with remote sensing measurement, global positioning and thermal imaging functions, it is expected that the helmet market will grow. The price of helmet products will be increased, and its performance and security capability will also be improved

protective shoes are developing in the direction of lightweight, flexible and “military style”; This trend will drive the market growth of fire boots. Technological innovation of washable, heat insulation and puncture resistant gloves will be the main driving factors for the market growth of fire gloves. At present, there is a great demand for chemical resistant and liquid permeable gloves in the market

in terms of the total revenue of the Western European market, the top three manufacturers account for 24.1% of the market share. Mesian ranked first with a market share of 9.0%; Germany’s haix ranks second with a market share of 7-8%; Delge ranked third with a market share of 6.5-7.5%

in terms of countries, Germany has the largest market share, accounting for 39.0% of the total market in Western Europe. 1n Germany, volunteer firefighters account for 97% of the national market, so there is a great demand for “price performance balance” personal protective equipment

the Western European market is relatively mature, and with the entry of international enterprises, the market competition is very fierce. Commercial acquisition will become an important means for enterprises to enrich product catalog and expand market scale. Well known acquisition cases include 3M’s acquisition of Scott

safety in 2017 and Minerva Robusto’s acquisition of jolly scar in 2016

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