Market valuation of outdoor shoes brand Pathfinder is on the high side

according to relevant media reports, the valuation of shoe brand Pathfinder rose last week, but this week it still maintained the momentum of growth

judging from the company’s store opening situation, the company is in the stage of rapid expansion, and has increased the proportion of direct sales and the construction of ERP this year. 1t is expected that the ability to control and grasp the terminal will be significantly improved in the future. At the same time, the company upgraded from the original headquarters unified management to large regional management mode, and invested a lot of human resources

from the perspective of the industry competition pattern, the company is still in the first echelon of the industry with lesfield and Colombia, and the competition area of this strategic group is still mainly concentrated in the first and second tier cities. 1n addition, the company’s independent R & D capability further enhanced its competitiveness, and won 5 utility model patents and 2 appearance patents in the first half of the year

although the company’s current valuation is on the high side, it has a broad development space in its industry, and the company is a leading enterprise in the domestic outdoor industry. At present, it is actively accelerating the channel construction, expanding its own market share, and is expected to benefit from the rapid development of the industry

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