Marketing innovation of shoes and clothing enterprises: small and medium-sized brands join hands to test integrated stores

Recently, the local media have published reports on the business performance of listed enterprises in Wenzhou in 2013 (exclusive stores in 2013), in which “poor shoes and clothes drag the feet” became the main feature of the market last year

indeed, last year was the most difficult year for the footwear industry. 1n Wenzhou, where shoe and clothing brand enterprises are concentrated, all enterprises are looking for “magic weapon” to break through the bottleneck. Business model innovation attempts to become the main theme of enterprises this year

on April 29, the well-known children’s clothing brand “San Dian Shui” in Wenzhou opened a life style integrated store with a business area of more than 300 square meters on the broadband road of “outlets business circle” in the urban area, together with leather shoes, classic cars and underwear brand pulisi. Small and medium-sized brands in Wenzhou shoes and clothing industry try to retail together for the first time

Chen Zhonghuai, chairman of sandiangshui, said that compared with single brand and single store, multi brand integrated store has stronger market competitiveness. At a time when store operating costs are high, small and medium-sized brands can join hands and improve customers’ shopping experience, which may help shoe and clothing enterprises out of the “fate of discount”

develop in groups

multi brand stores show advantages

the broadband Road near Wuqiao road in the urban area is an “outlets business circle” formed by the industrial zone’s “retreat from the second to the third”, with the concentration of “Kangnai (Kangnai store)”, “baoxiniao” and other discount stores and genuine stores, and the business atmosphere is increasingly strong

the life style integrated store of San Dian Shui, which is associated with brands such as classic car and pulisie, is almost in the middle of the broadband road. The appearance of the store is uniform “tuhaojin” color, which is atmospheric and fashionable. Entering the store, the three brands are distributed in different regions, and the regions are interlinked. Walking in them is like shopping

Huang Meili, marketing director of children’s wear at sandiangshui, said that the multi brand integrated stores focus on children’s wear, children’s shoes, leather shoes, leather bags, underwear and other products (rich in specialty stores), so customers will have more choices and stay longer when they go shopping; 1n addition, the integrated store has leisure area, V1P member’s additional services, such as shoe bag beauty and care services, which can make customers have a better shopping experience. 1n addition, in the integrated store, the dressing style and shopping settlement of salesmen are unified

Chen Zhonghuai, chairman of sandianshui children’s wear, said that the key point of sandianshui’s innovative retail channel is the introduction of multi brand integration and membership experience, which is intended to enhance the customer’s shopping experience by strengthening the after-sales additional services, rather than taking the price cutting route of discount

break the bottleneck

the enterprise concept needs to be updated urgently

at present, the business environment of Wenzhou shoes and clothing brand enterprises is like this: the threshold of large shopping malls is high, and the operating cost is high; Shops in prosperous areas are expensive and small in scale; Low price sales in e-commerce channels bring challenges to traditional stores

Chen Zhonghuai said that in recent years, the “discount” trend of shoes and clothing has been prevailing, and the gross profit of enterprises has shrunk. On the other hand, the operating expenses of enterprises are increasing. This makes enterprises face more and more pressure and make profits more difficult. Therefore, small and medium-sized shoes and clothing brands need to adjust their thinking and try to find out what methods can improve their profitability

this time, sandiangshui led the opening of integrated stores, and supported the joint brands in terms of store location, decoration, salesperson recruitment and training, business management, sales system, V1P member system and other software and hardware. Other brands are equivalent to cooperating with sandiangshui in the form of “trusteeship”

Chen Zhonghuai said that if brands want to work together, they must have a common will and concept. 1n today’s market, it is better for enterprises to develop in groups than to fight alone. The resources of various brands can be integrated, and everyone’s resources can complement and share, which will certainly form the effect of 1 + 1 greater tha2. Therefore, the mentality of enterprises must be changed

Chen Zhonghuai believes that the opening of the integrated store is an attempt of three points water, and it may not be said that the brand combination this time is the best. Perhaps, in the future, sandianshui will join hands with other children’s industries to open stores to improve the cluster efficiency of retail< Business trends mass brands avoid high rents Zheng chenai, President of Wenzhou clothing chamber of Commerce, said at a survey meeting held by government departments at the beginning of this year that in 2013, clothing market consumption gradually tends to be rational, and popular and cost-effective products will have market prospects. Clothing enterprises in the period of increasing operating costs, how to reduce business operating costs is the key not long ago, three o’clock water closed a store in Wendi Road Business District of lower Lu Pu” Store rents are outrageous. Children’s wear is not a high value-added product, which can afford such a high rent. ” Speaking of the reasons for the closure of Wendi Road store, Chen Zhonghuai sighed with emotion. 1t is reported that at present, the annual rent of a 25 square meter shop in Wendi Road business district is 250000 yuan, equivalent to 10000 yuan per square meter Chen Zhonghuai believes that the business trend in the future is that after the sale of mass commodities, they will gradually avoid the prosperous business circle with high rent and high cost and move to the secondary business circle, but the quality of products and services will not be compromised this trend judged by Chen Zhonghuai has begun to appear in the retail field of shoes and clothing industry in our city since this year. 1n recent years, Jordan, baoxinniao, Dongmeng and other clothing brands have opened similar “factory direct store” model retail stores near their own factories, in order to reduce the cost of brand products entering the prosperous business circle nowadays, the pricing rate of clothing products in shopping malls and other shopping places in prosperous business districts is 7-8 times, which means that consumers have to pay for high rent shops, and also limits the profit space of brand merchants. Therefore, people in the industry believe that the transfer of mass brand to the secondary business circle is also an affordable shopping destination for consumers this article is a reprint of 1nternet media, which only represents the author’s point of view and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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