Mask brother Peter plays cool with gas mask

the guardian of the galaxy, a mysterious blockbuster produced by Marvel pictures, today revealed a group of the latest stills: Peter quill, aka star Lord, the hero played by Chris Pratt, appeared on the stage wearing “gas mask” equipment, and his eyes turned red, He was wearing a brown and yellow lacquered jacket, which was very handsome. The “mask man” with a sense of humor is the most interesting character in the film. His mask can play a defensive role in his battle. Chris parrat may also use this role to make his career to a higher level

in Galaxy guard, superheroes from different planets gather together. Peter quill, the leader of galactic Guardian – “mask brother”, whose mother is an earthman and whose father is an alien, has super power. Zoe Saldana’s “gamola” is the adopted daughter of the villain SAOS and the last person of the alien race. 1n the original painting, this is a woman with green skin who finally chooses justice, Against her evil foster father” “Rocket raccoon” is a tactical master, “destroyer Drax” has super power, can fly freely and launch energy shock wave, “tree spirit grut” is one of the important members of “Galactic guard”, is a kind of alien tree creature, is not afraid of fire, and can expand its energy by sucking the surrounding wood. 1n Galaxy guard, the character will be presented with motion capture technology, so van diesel’s “play” means that he will dub the character

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