mask manufacturers enter the war

Air pollution problems remain on the Chinese mainland. Numerous heavy haze has appeared in autumn and winter, and the market performance of the mainland masks has been rising year by year. However, the quality of masks on the mainland market is uneven, even making up for the number. Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of quality supervision in mainland China has released the monitoring report in 2016, and 60% of the masks monitored have quality problems. 1n the face of the business opportunities of masks in the mainland, some Taiwanese companies are determined to enter the mainland market with M1T R & D strength

the frequent occurrence of large-scale haze in the mainland every year has made the anti haze mask industry hot. No matter the general N95, exhaust masks, or air supply masks with filters are sold “frighteningly”. However, in the mainland anti haze mask market, American 3M company accounts for 90%, and only one local brand in the mainland is in the top five

some Taiwanese businessmen said that the reason why mainland enterprises failed in the competition was that they only wanted to make a lot of money in the sudden business opportunities, rather than making products with heart. Search for anti haze masks on Taobao. Com, there are hundreds of styles, but the quality is shaking people’s heads. The technology is not mature enough, and it has little effect

Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of quality supervision has released the 2016 quality analysis report on risk monitoring of mask products. Among the 160 batches of masks monitored, 99 batches have quality problems

in the face of opportunities in the mask Market in mainland China, many Taiwanese companies are eager to try. Chen Yuhu, vice president of Luowei Enterprise Co., Ltd., who has developed “lvqin” air supply mask in Taiwan, said in an interview that only the air supply mask with fan filtration system can take into account the functions of ventilation, leakage prevention, PM2.5 filtration and durability. However, the products of many mainland manufacturers are far from what they claim to be effective. Not only are the filters small, the filtering function is poor, and the endurance can only last 2 hours

Chen Yuhu said that in order to give consideration to both functionality and comfort, relying on Taiwan’s R & D strength, the air supply respirator has shrunk its mainframe to “less than the size of a palm”, only about 200 grams, with a endurance of more than 8 hours, and a double-layer electrostatic filter screen, which can truly filter PM2.5. 1t has obtained patents from both mainland China and Taiwan, and is expected to enter the mainland market by the end of this year

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