Mask online shopping data puzzle

Spring is a season for people to love and hate. In March, there are endless flowers, pollen and catkins that cannot be prevented, which makes allergic patients miserable; the haze that occurs every three times is the pain of breathing. The main force of personal protection, at this time the sales of masks are naturally rising. However, there are so many types of masks on the market. How to choose the right mask?
In order to find the answer, Tuoduan data researchers have collected information on the mask e-commerce platform in recent years and tried to use the data to solve the puzzle.
1. Mid-end price masks sell best.

There are many types of high-end masks with a higher average price. However, except for a few models, most of them have lower sales, and are compatible with low- and medium-priced products The difference is also the biggest. There is a significant difference in the sales of mid-range masks. Comparing the two types of mid-port masks, although their similarity is higher, it can be found that products with high service scores sell better. The similarity between low-priced masks is relatively high, but except for a few models, most of them have lower sales. It can also be found that products with high service scores sell better. After all, masks are items that consume a lot of daily consumption, and their prices are too high to attract consumers. And you get what you pay for, and the quality and dust-proof effect of masks that are too low are worrying. Sure enough, it is not that the lower the price of masks, the better the sales. When the price of masks is between ?10 and ?20, the sales are highest.
2. The price of pure cotton material is wide, and the price of ultra-fine fiber is high.

Living in a city with a lot of haze, everyone is most worried about whether masks can prevent haze. In addition to anti-smog, the more frequently occurring functions are: anti-dust, anti-smog, anti-car exhaust, anti-bacteria, anti-formaldehyde, etc. By comparing the material types and prices of three popular masks, it is found that the price range of pure cotton dust masks is the largest. The price of anti-smog masks is mostly between 10 and 20, and the price of microfiber materials is higher. Relatively professional anti-car exhaust masks, the lowest price is higher than the other two types, of which the ultra-fine fiber material is the highest.
3. The materials of popular masks have mixed reviews.

After reading the prices and materials, those experienced online shopping will not forget to check the evaluation. Among the masks with the function of preventing automobile exhaust, the number of absorbent cotton materials with lower scores is the largest, and the evaluation differences of non-woven fabrics are small and high. Activated carbon is also a commonly used material, but there are mixed reviews. Absorbent cotton is a commonly used material in dust masks and has a high score. However, the number and score used as anti-smog masks are relatively small. Among them, the cotton mask is comfortable to wear and has good air permeability. The non-woven material can effectively prevent dust and bacteria. The activated carbon layer can filter the residual formaldehyde and other organic odors in the decoration, so that the breath is fresher, but the breathing resistance will also increase. . Finally, remind everyone that in this era of rampant smog, everyone must wear appropriate masks to protect health in time~

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