Mask saves dust Village

Can human’s high technology go to heaven and earth, but can’t cure this dust

this is a small village in Gansu Province, which is seriously polluted by gypsum powder factories. There are about six such gypsum powder factories distributed around the villagers’ living areas. Local people said, “every morning when 1 wake up, the whole yard is full of black ash. 1f there is a little wind, it’s just piles of dust. 1 dare not air my clothes, put a basin of water and open the windows outside at night.”. Because of the environmental problems, when the children in the village were young, because of their poor resistance, they often stayed in the house and didn’t go out to play in the yard” Gypsum powder factory production brings not only black dust, but also the noise of machine production all night” We are farmers and have no culture. We don’t know whether the dust is harmful or not, but because we inhale too much dust, cough is a common thing, “local people said. For the old people, they all hope to have a full house of children and grandchildren, but the old people here are on the contrary. They are afraid of affecting their offspring. Therefore, the pregnancy of their daughter-in-law is something they are more worried about. A worker surnamed Wang told the reporter: “there are many people working in the gypsum powder factory in the village, and the gypsum powder factory has not signed a formal employment contract with us. We are all farmers. The salary they give us is OK. We work in it. As for whether dust is harmful to the body, 1 don’t know. “. The factories here have basically not signed formal labor contracts, and they only give workers some simple protective tools such as masks and gloves during the production process

for the villagers living in such a bad environment, labor protection is really very important. They are common people, and they don’t have much knowledge. How can those of us who know stand idly by? Let’s introduce the anti dust masks

first of all, the selection of dust masks should follow several principles:

1. The dust suppression efficiency of a mask is based on its effect on fine dust, especially on 5 μ The dust suppression efficiency of the respirable dust below 5 m is standard. The general gauze mask, its dust resistance principle is mechanical filtering, that is, when the dust collides with the gauze, through a layer of barrier, some large particles of dust are blocked in the gauze. However, fine dust, especially less than 5 μ M of dust, will pass through the mesh of gauze, into the respiratory system. There are some dust masks on the market, whose filter media are made of fibers charged with permanent static electricity, those less than 5 μ M of respirable dust in the process of passing through the filter material, it will be attracted by static electricity and adsorbed on the filter material, really play the role of dust resistance

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