Masked man on the sea working with gas mask

At 12:00 on May 16, the temperature of Longkou port in Laizhou Bay of Bohai Sea reached 33 ℃

Yang Fengsheng, a member of the repair team of the Tanhai shipboard equipment service center of the Dagang geophysical exploration Office of the Oriental geophysical exploration company, with his apprentice Wang Gang, wearing a gas mask, is polishing and gluing the hang up boat. The glue reacts with the repair skin and makes a sizzling sound

Yang Fengsheng narrowed his eyes to observe the changes of the repair area, and more and more gas was produced at the repair area. All of a sudden, Yang Fengsheng called out: “roll out.” Wang Gang used a wooden stick to press the repair area

“keep your strength even. Go to one side and squeeze your breath out.” Yang Fengsheng said

through the cooperation of the master and apprentice, the repaired skin was embedded in the scratch wound of the hang up boat. Yang Fengsheng buckled the edge with his hand again

“why repair at high temperature?” 1 asked

“hang up boat is a common transportation tool for offshore exploration, which is composed of rubber boat hull and power motor. As the power motor is hung at the stern of the hull, it is usually called hang boat in the industry. The hull material of the hang up boat is rubber, so the requirements for the temperature and humidity of the environment are very high in the repair process. Otherwise, the repair will not achieve the expected effect, and the whole hull will be scrapped in serious cases. There is a constant temperature workshop for maintenance on land, and it can only be carried out in high temperature environment at sea to meet the requirements. ” Yang Fengsheng said

the glue used to repair the hanging boat contains toluene, which is toxic. You must wear a gas mask with activated carbon. Due to the poor air permeability of gas masks, they are often sweating< After the repair, Yang Fengsheng and Wang Gang are ready to test the boat. Taking off the gas mask, Yang Fengsheng wiped his sweat “wearing a gas mask to complete the repair process in the hot sun is the normal work of our ship repair workers.” Wang Gang said, “over time, we have obvious white marks on our faces. Outsiders thought 1 had vitiligo. “ 40 year old Yang Fengsheng, with 20 years of working experience, is a person who loves to study, especially the circuit in the hang up boat. 1n 2013, he improved the utilization rate of equipment by rectifying the circuit, and received good results “what do you want?” The author asked Yang Fengsheng “’61 ‘children’s Day is coming. 1 want to take my daughter with me to take a good look at the sea in the boat 1 repaired.” Yang Fengsheng said with a smile copyright notice: This article is reproduced from the network media, only represents the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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