masks for allergic people

Recently, willow catkins have been rampant again. On May 8, the reporter visited Zaocheng market and found that with the “rampant” of willow catkins, the number of skin disease patients in major hospitals has increased significantly. 1n order to alleviate the skin allergy symptoms caused by willow catkins, many citizens choose to use masks to resist the nuisance of willow catkins

after a rain on May 8, the temperature was a little low, and Yang LiuXu was “quiet” a lot, so Ms. Chen went out for a stroll, but she didn’t expect that she was allergic

Ms. Chen went to the hospital that afternoon, and the results showed that she was allergic to skin” 1t is suggested that people like Ms. Chen, who are allergic to willow catkins, should take protective measures and wear masks and sunglasses to protect their skin. ” Dermatologists said

according to the doctor’s advice, Ms. Chen was going to buy a mask at that time, and she decided to go to the drugstore to buy a disposable medical mask with better quality. But what Ms. Chen didn’t expect was that she went to two pharmacies and was told that the sale of disposable medical masks was suspended due to shortage. 1n desperation, Ms. Chen went to several pharmacies near Longtou middle road in Shizhong District to buy

although Ms. Chen finally bought the mask she wanted, the merchants all said that the sales of disposable medical masks increased significantly during this period, and the sales of disposable medical masks were almost suspended due to shortage during the peak sales period” Since the beginning of this month, the sales volume of disposable medical masks has increased significantly. Generally speaking, our stock is limited. As soon as the sales volume increases, there will be a temporary shortage. This is mainly due to the rampant behavior of Yang LiuXu during this period. Most of the people who buy masks are allergic to skin. ” The staff of a drugstore on Longtou Road, Shizhong District said

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