masks sold like crazy, red packets received, cell phone crash

The haze is rampant, and the business of selling masks is booming” 1t’s crazy to sell masks. Some people are making tens of thousands of dollars every day, and the mobile phone is dead! “

Ms. Ling is an employee of an enterprise in Xi’an. Recently, the company’s anti haze mask was launched, which surprised her. Especially after the first level emergency response started, her mobile phone kept ringing, either calling to order or wechat red envelope transfer. On the 19th, she sold four or five hundred sets of masks (5 in each set). On the same day, her wechat income was more than 8000 yuan, not counting the cash purchase” There are too many people who buy masks. Sometimes they don’t know who gave them the wechat red envelope… “On the evening of the 19th, Ms. Ling, who had been busy for a whole day, wearily received the red envelope. Suddenly, her mobile phone crashed” The mobile phone is new, maybe it’s too much red packets, and it’s on strike….

in the early morning of the 20th, the haze became more serious. Ms. Ling’s phone was hotter than the day before yesterday, one by one, all of them bought masks. There were small customers with 10 packets and 20 packets, and there were agents who wanted the whole thing. The phone couldn’t stop. As of 6 pm on the 20th, Ms. Ling’s mobile phone had received nearly 25000 yuan

it is reported that in the five days since the red warning of severe haze pollution was issued in Beijing, Hebei and other places, more than 15 million masks have been sold in a well-known online mall, with a year-on-year increase of more than 380%, and an average of more than 3 million masks per day. The top three sales places are Beijing, Shaanxi and Tianjin. Wang Yonghua, China business daily

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